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The Ecclesiastical Parish of Prestbury

is bounded by two streams which flow west off the Cotswold Hills. The northerly stream, Hyde Brook, passes under the Southam Road, encompassing the Race Course, Hyde Farm and Hyde Lane; the southerly one flows through the Cemetery, Pittville Lake and continues as Wyman’s Brook. The westerly boundary of the parish stops short of the railway line and follows the edge of ancient meadows; to the east the boundary continues over the brow of the hill to encompass Drypool Farm. St. Mary’s church is, logically, in the geographical centre of this region, which was a rural area of farmsteads in a rich estate of the Bishop of Hereford, with Prestbury a market town when it was founded.

The ecclesiastical parish (not to be confused with the present-day civil parish) covers an area of approximately four square miles, being roughly four miles long east to west and just over a mile wide north to south.  Some parts of the boundary are inaccessible on private land, but quite long stretches are on public footpaths or can be seen from common land.

Why not take a day off during the summer and see how much of the boundary you can identify?

Bob Lyle.

This article first appeared in the July 1999 edition of the Prestbury Parish Magazine

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