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The Church Electoral Roll

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting will be held on Sunday 7 April 2019 at 3pm in St Mary's Church.  For you 'to have a voice' at the meeting or to be eligible to be elected to an office you need to be on the church's Electoral Roll (not to be confused with the Parliamentary Electoral Register).  Each year the Electoral Roll needs to be prepared or revised ahead of the meeting.  This year a completely new Roll will be prepared and this will take place beginning Wednesday 20 March 2019 and will take effect from Saturday 23 March 2019.  After this date no further names may be added to the Roll until after the annual meeting.

The current Electoral Roll was started in 2013 and those named on it will continue to be qualified to be on it until 22 March 2019 after which the newly prepared Roll will take effect. No names will be carried forward to the new Roll.  Everyone who wishes to be on the Electoral Roll must complete a new enrolment form and hand it by Wednesday 20 March 2019 to one of:

  • the Electoral Roll Officer (Brian Wood, 2 Honeysuckle Close, Prestbury, Cheltenham  GL52 5LN)
  • the church wardens
  • the clergy
  • the team office

You qualify to be on the Electoral Roll of the Parish of Prestbury if you are

  • aged 16 years or over
  • baptised
  • a lay member of the Church of England
  • either resident in the parish, or for the previous six months have habitually attended public worship in the parish

Interactive map of the parish (opens in new window)     

The enrolment form is simple and can be found in church or you can download a copy.

To make it simple for people on the old Roll the Electoral Roll officer intends to print new forms for everyone on the old Roll with their details already filled in.  All that will be needed is for the details to be checked, the form signed, dated and returned.  These forms will be made available in our churches in March.


Detailed Rules about the Electoral Roll


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