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On the night of 16 June 2007 the Brownies held their part of
the World's Biggest Sleepover in St Nicolas' Hall


25 Brownies from 36th Cheltenham (St Nicolas) and 13 Brownies from 22nd Cheltenham (St Peter's),  and 11-day old Samantha joined together for yet another fun sleepover....

Our theme was "Going Green" and we started the evening with a photo shoot by the Echo and then our opening ceremony.   We talked about the 10 golden rules of friendship, sang "make new friends", talked about the 3R's, Sang the "rapping robot song" and talked about our carbon footprints and how to reduce them.

Tea arrived (fish and chips from the Codfather) and so did our guests!! We had county commissioners past and present, a headteacher, govenors and our ambassador!! Once all fed and watered we started our 3R's Challenges.....

RECYCLE :- To build a robot made out of things that could be recycled.

REUSE :- To make a "piggy" money box out of an old milk carton.

REDUCE :- To learn some first aid to reduce accidents and help out our friends. Father Grant came to visit and ended up on the floor being put into the recovery position by a Brownie!!

building recycled robot reusing milk cartons first aid on Fr Grant
Building recycled robot Reusing milk cartons

First Aid on Fr Grant

We all the joined together to sew a "sleepover bag" and to colour in a bookmark or two ready to give out in church (we had a competition before to design it).

Out came our beds, and so did the midnight feasts!! (These were made up of a compost heap - with worms, tooth brushes and teeth!!) Finally after watching the Horrid Henry DVD the Brownies decided that some sleep would be good!!

Sunday morning arrived sooner than the guiders would like but we were all up packed away and ready for breakfast at 8am, We gathered outside church and sang as the congregation arrived.....

We started the service with the tooth brushing challenge, we were joined by Father Grant, the Sunday Club and a few brave adults!! The service had been based around our "going green" theme and the brownies were given a very active part. All the Brownies had enjoyed the service although a few were spotted with eyes closed!!

After the service we finished with our Thank you's, certificates, prizes and goodie bags!!!

Sam with her reusable bag

assistant county commissioner joins in the fun

Sam with her reusable bag Assistant County Commissioner joins in the fun

     Pictures by Karen Walker


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