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Parish Weekend at Sidholm, Sidmouth

14-16 September 2007

 Relaxing between sessions  Relaxing between sessions
Relaxing between sessions

Drama, Music and Swimming

I went to Sidmouth with my nan, grandad and Sam. I slept on the top bunk because Sam’s feet were too big for the ladder. On the Friday night I went swimming and learnt to swim in deep water. Then I met Sophie, so on Saturday we did drama and music workshops together. In the music room I played some instruments, when it was near the end I played a violin with my friend Sophie. It was quite hard because you had to get the violin under your neck. On Sunday morning we played the panpipes during church when everyone was singing.

I really enjoyed my holiday and want to go again next time. Thanks to people who organised it, it was great.

Chloe, age 7


Relaxing between sessions  Relaxing between sessions

Sign up for Activities

When I arrived at Sidmouth, I was told to go into the Dining Room to have tea, while we ate, we were told that there were various activities that anyone could take part in, all they had to do was sign up. Soon, me and my family were shown to our rooms, me and my mum, Sophie and Kate, were in one room, and my grandma and brother, Mary and Matthew, were in the bedroom next door.

Well, straight after tea I went to the notice board to sign up for three activities drama, music, and the Talent show. The next day in drama we performed a modern day version of Noah’s Ark which I was a narrator in. Then I went to the music activity with a little girl called Chloe, who I was looking after, and we were taught to do a rhythmic dance to a piece of music. Then we discussed every day music like birds or washing machines, after that we used musical instruments to try and make the sounds in a story. At the end I played the viola and Chloe played the violin.

That evening, I sang a solo in the talent show, then performed with the drama group. On Sunday, I performed with a different drama group in the Eucharist. We did a modern day version of the Good Samaritan, and got a lot of laughs!

When it was time to go home, I looked back on my weekend and thought how wonderful it had been and thanked God as I had one final look at the great building as it disappeared into the distance.

Sophie, age 11


A walk along the cliff tops for the more energetic
A walk along the cliff tops for the more energetic


Sport and a Pirate’s Cow

I had an amazing time at Sidmouth with my family and my friends from Church. We stayed in an enormous hotel and slept in bunk beds. There was also a swimming pool that was enormous too, and a smaller one, so I stayed in the big pool. During the weekend we did some activities like sport, and arts and crafts. The sport was all about playing fair.

On Saturday night we stayed up late for the entertainment. Nathan and I dressed up and went on the stage to read our poem called The Pirate’s Cow.

On Sunday we had a special service with everyone taking part. After service we had a super lunch and dessert (yummy), and after that we had to go home. I had a great time at Sidmouth!

David (aged 8) and also on behalf of Nathan (aged 5)


Sidmouth 2007

Thank you to all those who participated in our weekend at Sidmouth. Without the one hundred people who came, my job as organiser would have been in vain.

We greatly enjoyed the opening talk by Father Paul, who always leaves us wanting more. This was followed by some excellent workshop sessions, and although we always say there is no pressure for you to take part in these, over seventy people were found to have joined in. Well done – a great effort.

We were blessed with good weather, fine food and a wonderful atmosphere, where we could relax and enjoy getting to know our fellow Christians better.

We have booked another weekend in 2009 so watch this space for further details! If you missed this one, try to join us next time as you will be surprised as to how friendly, laid back and interesting it can be.

Marion Beagley

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