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Prestbury Parish Magazine is published  10 times a year and is usually available in our churches on the last Sunday of most months.    Much of the recent Magazines will be reproduced here.   Items for possible publication in the Magazine should be sent to the editor by the weekend 14 days before this by email to   .


Read the latest magazine June 2021 or select from this list or use the index of articles below.

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  • Church Architecture, by Edward Wyatt, a series which appeared in the Magazine from July 1999 to November 2001.


Magazine Deadlines   (NB these are subject to change)

  Sunday 17 January for the February 2021 issue
  Sunday 14 February for the March issue
  Sunday 14 March for the April issue
  Sunday 11 April for the May issue
  Sunday 16 May for the June issue
  Sunday 13 June for the July issue
  Sunday 11 July for the August issue
  Sunday 15 August for the September issue
  Sunday 12 September for the October issue
  Sunday 17 October for the November issue
  Sunday 14 November for the December / Jan 2022 issue

Copy should reach the Editor by the appropriate deadline, marked "Parish Magazine". e-mails should be sent to     If you have not heard back within a couple of days, please email again.

(If you would like to submit copy for All Saints' magazine email . Their deadline is usually the second Sunday of the month.  If you want it in both magazines please send to both editors.)


  • Views expressed in these magazines are not necessarily those of the Editors, the Clergy, the Parochial Church Council, or of any authoritative body of the Church of England.


An Index of Articles in the recent magazines

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December 2017

November 2017

October 2017

September 2017

July / August 2017

Prestbury Parish Magazine
Life in all its fullness
“Remove the flack before you hit the sack”
Village Voice
The Village of Prestbury
The Wedding of Anna Cozens and Michael Minihan
Revd Maz Allen
Village Life
Kampenkoret at St Nicolas
The Brownies at St Nicolas
Stanton, Laverton and Buckland
Frampton on Severn Walk
NCTM Pilgrimage to Walsingham 2017
English Village
Marle Hill WI
Prestbury WI
St Marys Cake / Produce Stall
We’re Bigging Up The Bill
Lady’s Maid
An Icon at Novgorod

June 2017

Prestbury Parish Magazine
Funeral Eucharist for  Bishop Michael Francis Perham
Dog Training
A Salutary Tale
Les Tres Riches Heures
Always Pay a Cat Due Respect
Dogged Devotion
Finding water in the Gibson
Animal Adventures at the Library this summer!
Council Tax Exemption for Care Leavers
Marle Hill WI
Prestbury WI
Animals and Humans
“Voices from the Titanic”
A Life Well Lived

May 2017

April 2017

Scar Tissue
Prestbury Parish Magazine
The Partially Opened Door
Clerestory Saints
Country Roads
Early Memories
Prestbury Friday Circle
Quiz Evening at St Nics
Sophie takes on Mount Etna
Cold Aston walk
The Weight of Pure Memory
Gangsta Granny
Visit to Prestbury URC by the Cubs
Prestbury Memorial Trust - Quiz Night
Report – Diocesan Synod, Saturday 4 February 2017
Prestbury WI
Marle Hill WI
Early memories of visiting the library
Starting out

March 2017

The Travelling Church
Prestbury Parish Magazine
Travelling Along with You
Travelling  - moving on
Who is this new Team Rector – Part Two!
Candlemas Christingle
Kenya Projects (UK) Final Trip
A Stroll in the Park
Travelling on an Oil Tanker
Travel Broadens the Mind
Syrian Teenagers – A Fresh Start
Book Review - Predator
The Big Sleep Out 2016/17
Marle Hill WI
Prestbury  WI
What do you look for in the ideal travel companion
“It is good to give thanks to the Lord”

February 2017

I have called you friends
Our Friends and Neighbours
Good Relations
Friends and Neighbours Opposite
Ian Richings Sleeps Out
Fr Nick writes:
‘The Rock’ Faith Nights
Drawing on Abbeyfield’s Art and Soul
Friends and Neighbours
St Nicolas Patronal Pudding Evening
Further Adventures of a Race Horse Owner
Thursday Morning Service
Christmas Round-up
The President’s Hat by Antoine Laurain
Troubled Teens
Reaching Out to Isolated Friends and Neighbours at Prestbury Library
For mine eyes have seen thy salvation

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December 2016 / January 2017

Waiting on God’s future
An update on Bishop Michael’s health
Family Favourites
During the Restoration Works in St Mary’s
Reflections on Harvest Festival at Prestbury URC
Our new Archdeacon of Cheltenham
The Diocesan Synod - 5th November 2016
Book Reviews
Granny Tinker’s Christmas pudding
A Family Favourite
Creating Family Favourites at the Library this Christmas
Marle Hill WI
Prestbury WI
Goodbye to Jessie
Breathing Space
Light in Midwinter

July / August 2016

A Holiday Revelation
Editorial (Team) Page
A Pre War Summer Holiday
A Pre War Summer Holiday
Something to “Celebrate!”
North Cheltenham in Salisbury
The Village Fayre
Thirty Years On
Brownies Sleepover
Children who Run Away
Cerney Wick Walk
Kemerton Walk
Halcyon sailing days
Prestbury Library – The Summer Holidays Start Here!
Prestbury URC Celebrates!
The Children Act by Ian McEwan
The Challenge of Pruning…

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March 2013

Making a Fresh Start
Editorial Team Corner
A New Beginning for the Parish Electoral Roll
From the Rector
Taizé Service for Christian Unity
Keeping our Vision in view
St Mary’s Bake Stall
Arthur C Berry
Superstars offer a song of support to local families
Praying for our schools
PPY - this term
Toy Sale Fundraiser at St Mary’s
The Way (part 2)
Visit to Kenya January 2013 with Kenya Projects (UK)
Prestbury Memorial Trust News
Prestbury Flower Arranging Club
Deanery Synod Report from 17 January 2013
Diocesan Synod Report
First Records of St Mary Magdalene
A Challenging Invitation

February 2013

Staying the Course
Editorial Team Corner
A Mission Statement for the Magazine
Team Vision – the future
Ash Wednesday 2013
Community Corner
Bishop of Tewkesbury to retire in March
Welcome back Peter Greaves
“The Way” (part 1)
Prestbury Memorial Trust News
Winter Draws On
Walking Group programme
Prestbury Flower Arranging Club
The Mill, Mill Street
Praying Through Lent 2013
Report of Deanery Synod
Works of Man


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December 2012 / January 2013

Changed by Love
Editorial Team Corner
Pray the Streets Anniversary
PPY groups get off to a great start in 2012
Spot the message
A change for the better
Memorable Jubilee Raffle Prize
Mike at the Mike
David Smith
Celebrate! In musical fashion…
The Road to Rome
New band leads worship at St Marys
The Ministry of Spiritual Direction
A Country Walk
Prestbury Flower Arranging Club
Caption Competition
Aiming high to END POLIO NOW
Bible Reading Fellowship
The Real Christmas
Looking Behind the Text

November 2012

Re-kindling the ancient art of storytelling
Editorial Team Corner
Joining the Celebrations!
Remembering: My Dad on the 11th November
The Diocesan Synod
Celebration of Pets embraces the Community of St Nicolas’
Christian Aid and Middle Eastern Project
MACS – Malawi Association for Christian Support
St Nicolas’ Barn Dance
Popular housekeeper gets musical send-off
Prestbury Flower Arranging Club
Our Journey

October 2012

Bringing in the Harvest
All Saintstide
Editorial Team Corner
Deacon Jennifer
Welcome on Wednesdays
County Community Projects Foodbox
Harvest at the Green Steps project in North Cheltenham
Snippets from the Tower
Prestbury Flower Arranging Club
Prestbury St Mary’s Church Flowers
Coast-to-Coast: Part 3: the North York Moors
A Harvest of Hope and Reconciliation
Fabric work in St Mary’s and St Nicolas’
Andy Macauly’s Leaving Do
Harvest and Prestbury
Living with a mystery

September 2012

A Season of New Beginnings
Editorial Team Corner
Andy Macauly
Handing on the Baton
Meeting the Archbishop of Canterbury in Gloucester Cathedral
Messy Church @ St Nics
Whole World of Sport at St Mary’s
Abbeyfield Summer News
Coast-to-Coast:  Part 2:  The Yorkshire Dales
A more modest walk!
Summer Music at St Marys
Succession Planning

July / August 2012

Expectancy or expectation?  Waiting in joyful hope
The Revd Liz Palin
The Archbishop in Gloucestershire
Andy Macauly
Celebration of our Pets
Messy Church set to launch in October
Prestbury Parish Magazine Editorial Team
Fr Paul’s 50th Anniversary of his Ordination to the Priesthood
Walsingham Pilgrimage 2012
BBC Songs of Praise
Snippets from the Tower
Coast-to-Coast: the Lake District
Prestbury Flower Arranging Club
A Double Golden Anniversary
Jubilee Fanfare
Galilee Wanderers vs Jerusalem United
Giving thanks for the gift of the Eucharist
Jubilee Fanfare
Jubilee Sunday in St Nicolas’
Jubilee Celebrations at St Mary’s
The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in Prestbury

June 2012

‘Called to bear fruit, fruit that will last’
Fr Paul’s 50th anniversary celebration
Deacon Liz Palin’s ordination
Glenfall House 20th Anniversary Celebrations
Pray the Streets – spreading further
Messy Church – where we are
Christian Aid Week
Fr David’s Licensing
Simply Vicky
Report of Deanery Synod meeting of 15 May 2012
By the rivers of Babylon

May 2012

Silence is Golden
Lent, Holy Week and Easter
Easter Reflections
Volunteer Leaders at Bay Tree Court
Prestbury Parish Cross 2012
Farewell to Father David
And the sun shone!
A New Churchwarden for St Nicolas’
Evening of Entertainment
Walsingham with a difference
Prestbury Flower Arranging Club
Acting Editor’s Corner
Prestbury Memorial Trust
Noonan Syndrome
Gloucestershire Historic Churches Trust
Questioning God

April 2012

The way is open before us
Farewell to Fr David and Sarah
Notice of Prestbury APCM
Editor’s Farewell
‘Thank you, Frances’
Flowers in Prestbury St Mary’s Church
Deanery Synod Report
Snippets from the Tower
Glastonbury Pilgrimage 2012
Prestbury Memorial Trust News
Christian Aid Week
Quiz Night
St Nicolas’ Hall window replacement
Another St Mary’s!
Rededication of Prestbury War Memorial
Deacon Liz Palin’s Ordination
God is Faithful

March 2012

What’s Next
Farewell to Fr David
The Revd John Suddards
Notice of Prestbury APCM
Burns Night
Compline at St Mary’s during Lent
Report from the Diocesan Synod
Malawi Talk by Richard Barton
Fundraiser wanted!
Scouts Planning for Jubilee
Prestbury Memorial Trust News
‘Simply Vicky’
An Email from Australia
Irish Cathedrals – Part 2

February 2012

Together Alone
Lent 2012
Farewell to Fr David
Pray the Streets – update
Messy Church for St Nicolas
Thank you!  from Frances Pavey
Irish Cathedrals – Part 1
Choose Life!


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December 2011 / January 2012

Make Space
Thank you Lindsey!
Deanery Synod Report
MU Diocesan service
Baptism Party
Pray the Streets
A Malawi Experience – Part 4
St Mary’s Churchyard Matters
Thank you, CHADS!
The Magazine Editorial Team
A Unique Role

November 2011

Remembering those who have died
Pray the Streets – A New Year Resolution for the Parish
PPY Update
A talk by Sir John Herbecq
Out with the Old, In with the New!
Barn Dance at St Nicolas’
A Malawi Experience – Part 3
Sidmouth 2011
Autumn Meeting of the Diocesan Synod
2011 Heritage Open Days at St Mary’s
Harvest Family Celebration
The Lion and the Lamb

October 2011

The Generosity and Glory of God
Celebrating Harvest
Travels on the Amazon River
A Malawi Experience – Part 2
Can we be wiser than Solomon

September 2011

The Spirit of God Invites Us
Thank you!
New Churchwarden
Andy Macauly
Ordinand Placement – Andrew Swift
FOSMP Summer Barbecue
Church fabric matters
One role or many – is this you
Therefore Be Patient…
Days in the Life of a Fête
A Banner for Prestbury St Mary’s Junior School
Out and about
A Malawi Experience
Reflections in the Water

July / August 2011

How can we be so wrong about Thomas?
Look back at Lent
A Celebration of Local Ministry
New Magazine Editor
Prestbury Open Gardens
MU Visit to Glenfall House
Cheltenham Deanery Synod Report
Travels on the Amazon River: Water Lilies
Summer Fruit

June 2011

If at first you don’t succeed …
Parish Giving Scheme
Anyone Listening
Ordination of Liz Palin
Palm Sunday Procession
St Mary’s Flower Arrangers
Christian Aid Week
Better Together
Travels on the Amazon River: Pink Dolphins
Open the Book
Send workers to the harvest…

May 2011

Alleluia! Christ is Risen!
How was it for you
Annual Meetings Report
Open Deanery Meeting on Women in the Episcopate
Prestbury and Pittville Youth AGM
St Mary’s Church Flower Arrangers
Don’t Worry, Be Happy

April 2011

When I survey the wondrous Cross
Prestbury URC celebrates 145 years!
Cobalt Unit Fundraising
Exploring the Meaning of Lent in the Year of the Bible
Update from Robin Denney
Malawi Glasses
Communities for today

March 2011

Experiencing the Spirit’s desire
Prepare for Lent
Future Focus
Diocesan Synod
Chilean Miner Jose Henriquez
The One
The Bride of Christ

February 2011

Christ our Light
Prepare for Lent
National Schools – Bicentenary Celebrations
Education Sunday – 20th February 2011
Quiet Afternoon:  Advent 2010
Looking Forward
The Real Christmas
My first Christingle
Christingles instead of plain old candles
Dare to let go!
Our choices – and Christ’s
The Grand Tour
Epiphany Supper
Distracted by God

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December 2010 / January 2011

Come in!
Update on Fr David
Diocesan Synod Report
Celebrate!  News – Roots Group
Rockers:  thanking God for 35 years of introducing children to Christian worship
Autumn Follies
Pork, Apple and Mummery
Team Vision Process
GHCT Ride & Stride
Women in the Priesthood and Episcopate
Let’s read…

November 2010

Give Thanks
Where’s Fr David?
Thank yous
Cheltenham Christian Aid Challenge
St Nicolas’ 40th Anniversary Celebration
Saint Nicolas
Ransomed, Healed, Restored, Forgiven

October 2010

Choosing the way less travelled
Unlocking the Growth – Invitation and Welcome
Sidmouth 2011
November – Season of Remembrance
EAST2WEST Sponsored Cycle Ride
St Nic’s – on the road!
Who told you about Jesus?

September 2010

You never can tell!
St Nicolas’ 40th Anniversary
An Invitation
Bellringers at the Parish Fete
Ordination of Deacons
Alpha Supper
Sidmouth 2011
Catching Our Breath
New Foundation Governors
Mothers’ Union visit to Glenfall House
Blessed are the Cake Bakers
Wet Friends drink Wine!
Afternoon at the Palace
A Real Gem…
Team Vision Day
Exploring Christian Vocation 2010
A Church of Many Parts

July / August 2010

The sacred is all around us
Alpha Course running again this September
Prestbury Bell Tower and Bell Ringers
St Nicolas’ 40th Anniversary
Vote in Lambeth?
A Deacon's Duties
‘Deaf Pentecost’
Memories by Leslie Bill
The fields are alive with the sound of hymn singing!
Last Months Puzzle Picture
Norwegian Choir
‘I will sing of your love forever’

June 2010

Irresistible New Life
Visiting Norwegian Choir
Confirmation Service
A Celebration of Shared Local Ministry
Julia Hook
Our Churchwardens
My First Pilgrimage to Walsingham
Love For The Future Revisited
… that Christ may dwell in our hearts

May 2010

Now is the Month of Maying
A Vision for the Team
Eucharist with a Difference
Association for Church Editors
Celebration of Shared Ministry
A Perfect Evening
Magic Windows
South American Odyssey – Impressions of Religion
Big changes for PPY at ‘the best AGM ever’
Some thoughts from St John’s Gospel

April 2010

Keeping a time of festival
New Baby!
Christian Aid Week is coming…
Snippets from the Tower
Friends of St Mary’s, Prestbury
Sabbatical Time
From small seeds great trees grow!
Alpha News
‘And you do that every week!’
Flower Arrangers’ AGM 2010
South American Odyssey
A Woman’s Faith

March 2010

A Season of Reality and Renewal
Friends of St Mary’s
Gold Cup Week 16-19 March 2010
Prestbury and Pittville Youth
St Mary’s Welcome Area
The Easter Crosses
Alpha News
Villagers give a VIP send off to ‘Mr Prestbury’
Parish Annual Meetings
Diocesan Synod Report – 6th February 2010
Lent Fast
In response to ‘Some thoughts for Epiphany’
Celebrate! News

February 2010

God of Playfulness
Father Michael
The Reverend David Eady
New Prestbury Ministry Team
Christmas Giving
‘Love for the Future’ – A Team Lent Course
On the Move!
125th Anniversary
Alpha News
Epiphany non-Supper
Gold Cup Week 16-19 March 2010
Friends of St Mary’s Bridge Evening
Some thoughts for Epiphany
An Experience of a Short Retreat
No Way Out



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December 2009 / January 2010

‘The bells of waiting Advent ring’
Congratulations and Thanks to Cyril Beer
Street Pastors
The ‘Real Christmas’
Eager Beavers
PPY Update
God’s Calling
John O’Groats to Land’s End
The inaugural event organised by the Friends of St Mary’s
Diocesan Synod
Saint Gilles and the Camargue Connection to Santiago de Compostela
Support and Delegation

November 2009

Coincidences or God at work
Eucharist with a Difference
A Quiet Day
Alpha News
GHCT –  Ride & Stride
A Lack of Vocation
Sidmouth 18th-20th September 2009
Coming Back to Church
There’s a steep climb ahead…

October 2009

Worshipping, serving, growing...
Alpha News
360° Connect Project
Welcome to the Revd Tony Lomas
A Greek island
An Orthodox Baptism ...
Sowing and Harvesting

September 2009

New Beginnings
Inviting others
Help for Helpers
The Ministry Leadership Team –  a new ‘Calling Out’
Soul Survivor
Ordination Thanks
Snippets from the Tower
Open the Book
The Friends of St Mary’s
Do you play the piano?
The Ordination of Women debate
MU outing to Winchester
£240 from Waitrose tokens for young people
Parish Fete
Ideas flow at Prestbury Youth Meeting
Such as these
The Certainty of Change

July / August 2009

A future of peace is possible
Deacon Jennifer
Celebrate! sponsored child
PPY All-nighter 12/13 June
St Mary’s welcome area
Snippets from the Tower
Heritage Open Days
Friends of St Mary’s
House of Laity Meeting on 4th June
Pentecost in Oxford
Fr David’s Ordination to the Priesthood
Westminster Central Hall
Life Worth Living

June 2009

Ordained… again!
Ordinations in June
Prestbury St Mary’s C of E Junior School – Outstanding!
Walsingham 1st – 4th May
Thinking about Mission
Christian Aid Week
Annual Meetings
ACE Magazine Awards Scheme
Amazing Grace!

May 2009

Rhythm and Blues
Ordinations in June
Ministry Leadership Team
Meeting to mark Prestbury and Pittville Youth’s Fifth Birthday
The Prestbury Passion Play 2009
St Mary’s Flower Arrangers AGM
Churchyard Tidy-up
Consider the Ravens

April 2009

After the Feast
Annual Meetings
The Prestbury Passion Play Poster
St Nicolas’ Church Hall
Viney Hill Adventure Weekend
Prestbury and Pittville Youth AGM
Mothers’ Union Prayer
Shrove Tuesday Quiet Day
Alpha Course
Our School Travel Plan
St Mary’s Welcome Area – a proposal
1st Prestbury Scout Group
Immeasurable and Unsearchable

March 2009

Take time to mature
Year of the Child
Foundation Governors wanted!
Walk on the Wild Side
Lent Course 2009
Ministry Leadership Team
New Vestments : Dressing the Altar – Dressing the Clergy
Alpha Course set to go ahead
Prestbury Passion Play 2009
The Parish Quiz
The Cheltenham Deanery Synod
PPY Snapshot
The Church Electoral Roll
Faith in the Storm

February 2009

The love of Christ surrounds us
St Mary’s Organist
2009 – The Year of the Child
Diocesan Synod – 6th December 2008
Handbell ringers at the ‘Real Christmas’
Finding Judas
Fr Andrew’s Licensing
Abounding in Steadfast Love



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December 2008 / January 2009

What can I give?
Supporting our Youth Work
Information, You and the Data Protection Act
Snippets from the Tower
PPY Re-Create Evening
Wednesday Evening Eucharist
Glenfall House Retreats
Soul Café
Pilot Alpha Course
Go ye, therefore…

November 2008

Christ – Our Light
All Saints’ Tide
The North Cheltenham Team Ministry
Service of Healing and Reconciliation
2009 Passion Play rehearsals
Almost Human
Mission Opportunity
Thank You from St Peter’s
‘The Thread of Life’ Candelabrum
Thank You!
The Hall at the Heart of the Community
House of Laity Meeting
North Cheltenham Churches FC Make Final
Thank you Gill!
‘Christmas is coming’, or rather ‘Advent’
Let the Children Live!
Can We Join In?

October 2008

After the Harvest
Passion Play read-through
The North Cheltenham Team Ministry
Dr Bob Lyle MBE
GHCT Sponsored Ride
360° Connect Project – Holiday Activity Week
Soul Survivor August 2008
CHADS Cheese and Wine Evening
Concerts in Churches
The Silver Jubilee of St Nicolas’ Hall
Spread the Word

September 2008

Back to School
Are you YOUNG enough to drive
Dr Bob Lyle MBE
The Passion Play 2009
1st Prestbury Beavers
Jennifer Swinbank
Music in Prestbury
A Service of Healing and Reconciliation
Come and “Beat the Bounds” with us!
The Churchyard Wall
PPY – Good Youth Work Recognised
Pittville Youth Action Group (PYAG) – Our Shed!
Two new Deacons …
Backpacking at my age!
Personally Called
St Mary’s Patronal Festival
New Daytime Bible Study Group

July / August 2008

Called to Serve
Celebrate! Picnic with Sheep
My Placement in Prestbury
Christian Aid Week 2008
Repairs to St Mary’s Sanctus Bell
PPY AGM 2008
I wanna tell you another story……
Drama Group
Simon of Cyrene
In at the Deep End…
Growing Fruit
Beating the Bounds

June 2008

A Reflection of Christ is in us
Welcome to David and Sarah …
Mothers’ Union Festival Service
Nymphsfield Quiet Day
Celebrate - Special Agents
Thanks to Jerry
Annual Church Meetings 2008
iPods and Epistles
Picture Puzzle
Writing Letters

May 2008

My favourite Psalm
Christian Aid Week
Prestbury Drama
North Cheltenham Churches Football Team
Holiday to Ecuador and Galapagos islands – Part 2
Give me to drink

April 2008

What now?
Scheme for the proposed Team Ministry
St Mary’s Infant School Prayer Maze
Viney Hill Re-Create Weekend
Something Quite Different
Prestbury Hall Users’ Group
Churchyard and Church Clean-up
St Mary’s Flower Arrangers AGM
Holiday to Ecuador and Galapagos islands – Part 1
Psalm 117

March 2008

Welcome to Fr Daniel
The Ministry of Ordained Women
The Legal Details of Ordained Women in North Cheltenham
Scheme for the proposed Team Ministry
Support For Young People
I wanna tell you a story...
School News -  Our Foundation Governors
Snippets from the Tower
Parish Quiz Night
From Gothic Revival to Arts and Crafts
St Mary’s Repairs
Jenn Lyle in the London Marathon
Follow the cross
Can dry bones live
Photographs of the Licensing of Fr Daniel Papworth

February 2008

Pushing Boundaries
Fr Daniel Papworth
Prestbury and Pittville Youth Update
Confirmation Service
Lent 2008 – ‘Drop a Tin in the Bin’ Appeal
Education and Nurture across the Team
12 Months of the Year - bereavement support team
The ‘Real Christmas’ at St Mary’s
Chaotic Carol Service
Epiphany Supper 2008
Christmas Cards – or not
St Mary’s Repairs
A Pilgrimage to Holy Russia
Pilgrimage to Walsingham – July 2008
Why Me, God



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December 2007 / January 2008

Preparing for Christ’s Coming
A New Curate
Crib Service at St Mary’s
One year on …
Prestbury Hall
The PPY Alternative Fashion Show
Parish Website
From the Prestbury Fabric Committee
Bridge Drive
Bow Down and Worship

November 2007

God in My Living
All Saints’ Tide 2007
Eucharistic Ministers
Are you a reader?
Education and Nurture across the Team
The PPY Alternative Fashion Show
The Chill
Taizé workshop
The First Epistle from John’s
Christian Aid – tea parties and Christmas fair
Calling all Thespians
Bell Ringers wanted!
Stewardship & Legacies
You can run but you can’t hide!
The Consecration of St Nicolas
Parish Weekend at Sidholm, Sidmouth

October 2007

Lost and Found
Morning and Evening Prayer
Red Carnations
Overtaken on the M5
NCC at Celebrate!
Historic Churches Trust Sponsored Ride/Walk
What a week that was!
Chasing the Wind

September 2007

Lord and Giver of Life
Jonah and the Whale
Thank You
St Mary’s Patronal Festival
So what is Rockers?
Heritage Open Days
‘Music for Malcolm’
Sharon Carley-Macauly welcomed as new worker
Summer Fete
The Parables – Activity Day
Football – Awards Night and New Season
St Mary’s Quinquennial repair work
St Mary’s Junior School under water
Brownies take part in BT Giant Sleepover
A lovely sunny night!
Simon Peter’s Confession of Christ

July / August 2007

Taking stock
The Parables – Activity Day
‘Music for Malcolm’
The House of Laity
Farewell to Fr Grant and family
Snippets from the Tower
GHCT Sponsored Ride or Walk
Webmaster’s Corner
Editor’s Corner
Summer in the Country

June 2007

Sharing Stories
Church Décor
Malcolm honoured at St Sepulchre’s
Farewell to Fr Grant and family
Second Employee for Prestbury and Pittville Youth
Newspaper Giraffes!
Education Matters
St Mary’s Church Gift Aid
Open the Book
Taizé and the Lithuanian Ladies
Christian Aid Week Service
The Friars, Aylesford
Five-a-Side Football Tournament
The Alpha and Omega of Isaiah – Part Two

May 2007

New Beginnings and New Hope
Congratulations and Thanks
North Cheltenham Update
Easter Prayer Maze
St Mary’s Flower Arrangers AGM
Snippets from The Tower
First Communion Classes
My Easter Experience
Team Journey through Easter
Prestbury and Pittville Youth Annual General Meeting 2007
Effortless Fund-raising for Young People
The Prestbury Parish Cross
Training for Learning and Service / The Future for Prestbury URC
The Alpha and Omega of Isaiah – Part One
The Vigil and the Funfair

April 2007

Anticipating the Thrill of Easter
Experiencing Easter
Confessions during Lent
Passover at Celebrate!
An Unsatisfactory Prophet and the Love of God
Experience Easter event
Garden of Delights

March 2007

Happy Lent!
INSOMNIA '07 – Gloucester Cathedral
Celebrate! Ladies Night
Ecumenical Service
Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
The Changing Theology of the Eucharist
Lent 2007
Coffee and Hazlenut Meringue Cake
Horse Racing
Parish Annual Meetings

February 2007

Visions of God
Christingle Service 2006
A New Year
Lent 2007
Epiphany and Pies
Stewardship Letter
Praying Together
Ordinary Time
Scouting 1907-2007
Recipes requested at the Epiphany Supper


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December 2006 / January 2007

Fr Michael writes …
New Minister for Cheltenham URC
Journey with Jesus
Celebrate! Team members – the Projectionists
St Mary’s ‘children’s corner’
Education and Nurture – summary of report to PCC
New Christian Aid Representative needed
Looking forward to Lent
A Sabbatical Journey   Part 3: Iona
Father Stephen’s Retirement - Snippets from the Tower
The Real Christmas

November 2006

Fr Stephen writes …
Journey with Jesus
Snippets from the Tower
Congratulations! to Mary Eyre
Diamond Wedding Celebrations
Father Michael’s Holy Land Talk
Cooking request
Jack Beaver
A school to be proud of
A Sabbatical Journey  Part 2: Ignatian Spirituality
Youth Work – Alive & Kicking
PYAG at work in St Mary’s Churchyard
Meet the Architects – both of them!
Elmstone Hardwicke and Uckington Harvest Celebration
Scarecrows and Harvest Hymns

October 2006

Mission Definitely Possible
Elmstone Hardwicke Harvest Weekend
360° Project
8:32 in Prestbury & All Saints’
Our Voice Film Premiere
Greenbelt 2006
Gloucestershire Historic Churches’ Trust
A Sabbatical Journey  Part 1: Franciscan Community
Infant School receives ‘outstanding’ Ofsted report
Youth Team Commissioning
Prestbury and Pittville Youth – spreading the word

September 2006

Sharing in Worship
‘Our Voice’ Premiere Night
Wake up – it’s 8:32
Education on Location
Do You Know
Prestbury Hall Garden Opening
Walter Golden Wedding Celebration 1956-2006
‘Traidcraft’ Update
Cricket Match against St Matt’s
Football – North Cheltenham Churches enter the League
All Saints’ Bible Study Group
Holiday Worship
Food for Thought – Autumn Quiet Day
Sidmouth 2007
The Celebrate! page

July / August 2006

Journeying on …
First Communion and Ordination
Bishop’s Challenge
New Organist for St Mary’s
Ecumenical Pentecost Picnic
Thank you, Susan and Tricia
Communa Bonum
The Story of Compostela
Education and Nurture Across the Team
Regular Youth Group Dates
‘Our Voice’ Premiere Night
360° Holiday Project
Greenbelt – 25-29 August 2006
The Celebrate! page
Christian Aid Week

June 2006

Of Faith and Football
Ministry Leadership Team Re-Mandating
Team Office Hours
Tuesdays at All Saints’
PCC Meeting – Monday 8 May 2006
Worship Committee Report to Parish of Prestbury AGM
Year 9+ Weekend Away
EverestMax – the Summit
The Celebrate! page
The Shaping of a Parish - Part 3

May 2006

Gathering fruit
Tuesday Evenings at All Saints’
Preparing for First Communion
Parish Annual Meeting
Prestbury and Pittville Youth
Snippets from the Tower
Open the Book
Churchyard and Church Annual Spring Clean
Football Match Report
Prayer Maze
An Impression of Nepal
Nepal… Mum & Dad… the cycling is over!
The Celebrate! page
Celebrate! Ladies’ Night
The Shaping of a Parish - Part 2
Christian Aid in May

April 2006

The Easter Mystery
MLT Re-Mandating
Fr Michael’s Sabbatical Leave
Youth Prayer Vigil
Our Voice
Gold Cup Parking
Football Match Report
Church service or holiday slide show?
The Celebrate Page
Pakistan… India…
The Shaping of a Parish - Part 1

March 2006

Draw closer to God
Musica Vera concert – in memory of Jill Yates
The Revd Glyn Jenkins
Prestbury & Pittville Youth
African Thank You
This Month at Celebrate!
Prestbury Fabric Committee Report
Football Match Report
A Placement with a Difference
Across Iran with Sarah Lyle
The Helicopter
Parish Annual Meeting
Parish Office Emails
The Holy Land … in one week!

February 2006

Ministry for all
Malcolm McKelvey 1926-2005
Youth Work
The Yellow Brick Road to Bethlehem
Prestbury Football – Up and Running
Christmas and New Year with Sarah Lyle
Parish Social Update
New Year’s Eve Party at All Saints’ Church
A United Celebration of Epiphany
An Ordinand’s First Term



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December 2005 / January 2006

I shall say this only once
Celebrate! Christmas and New Year
Journey with Jesus
Crib Services
Youth Group Dates
Mothers’ Union Prayer
And up she goes…!
Parish Office on the Move!
Africa Calling, Africa Calling
Quiz Night
Remember the Summer
St Nicolas’ Patronal Festival
Christingle Service 2005

November 2005

Deck the Halls with Boughs of…  Poppies
Award-winning Brownies!
Open the Book
Fr Michael’s Sabbatical Leave
Journey with Jesus
‘Celebrate!’ celebrates
Snippets from the Tower
Stewardship Quiz Evening

October 2005

Accepting the pain
Eileen Jones – in memory and thanksgiving
Open the Book
‘Open Weekend’ hailed a great success
Stewardship campaign raises the roof!
Greenbelt 2005
360° Holiday Project
Fair Trade stall at St Nic’s
News from Prestbury Fabric Committee
Four go on a soggy cycling adventure!
Harvest Gifts

September 2005

Prestbury Earthquake? Prestbury Riots?
Snippets from the Tower
Silence …
Flower Festival
Prestbury Open Gardens
The Big Sky Festival at All Saints’
Church Fete and Barn Dance
We could have danced all night…
New Term Start Dates
Open the Book
Rotary Charity Ten Pin Bowl
St Mary’s Patronal Festival
Stewardship Cheese & Wine Evening

July / August 2005

Working as a Team
Rockers’ Half-Hour
Summertime at Celebrate!
360° Holiday Project
Regular Youth Group & Sunday School/Club Dates
Snippets from the Tower
Joseph – Children’s Activity Day
Stewardship 2005
Gloucestershire Historic Churches Trust
World with a Difference
Glorious Gloucestershire Festival of Flowers
The Children’s Society at St Mary’s
Prestbury Mothers’ Union
Church Fete & Barn Dance

June 2005

The Peace of the Lord be always with you
Summertime at Celebrate!
Projector Training
Not Just Joe Bloggs ...
Stewardship 2005
Walsingham 2005
Informal Prayers
Christian Aid Week -
Prestbury Open Gardens
Rockers 30th Birthday Garden Party
Church Fete

May 2005

Easter all year round!
Ian Higginson
Corpus Christi
Frank Merrett R.I.P. 1924 - 2005
Bible Reading Fellowship
St Marys Flower Arrangers Annual Meeting 2005
The Passion Play
CHIKS Skittles Evening
Christian Aid Week -
Ecumenical Service
Prestbury Open Gardens

April 2005

Tell the Story
Farewell to the Reverend Joan Winterbottom
Frank Merrett
Andy Hughes
New Lay Ministers of the Sacrament
Christian Aid Birthday Celebrations
So how did the youth work open evening go
Parish Annual Meeting
Prestbury and Pittville Youth - Annual General Meeting
Snippets from the Tower
Youth Work Dates
Music Tour to Prague

March 2005

Broken yet Whole
Mothering Sunday
Easter 2005 in Prestbury
Searching for Prestbury
Prestbury Parish Annual Meeting & Vestry Meeting
Churchyard and Church Annual Spring Cleaning Day
Calling all Flower Arrangers
The Prestbury Passion Play

February 2005

Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent
Prayers in every church every day
Better Together
The Road to the Cross
St Mary's heating
Dr Bob Lyle MBE
It Takes Time
The End of an Era!
St Nicolas' Patronal Festival
Celebrate! Update
The Advent Trail - did you see the pictures?
Prestbury Parish Candlelit Epiphany Supper
When Children Rule the World
OUR TEACHER, Miss Hawkins
Prestbury Parish Annual Meeting & Vestry Meeting


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December 2004 / January 2005

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Miss Anne Hawkins RIP
Journey with Jesus
Fr Grants studies
St Mary's Christingle Service
Youth Work Dates
Sunday Club News
Carol Singing
Prestbury Passion Play
Snippets from the Tower
Epiphany - January 6th
Looking ahead to Lent
Rockers Half-Hour
The Special Service
St Nicolas' Patronal Celebrations

November 2004

All Saints and All Souls
Remembrance Sunday
Strange Goings-on in the Churchyard
Snippets from the Tower
The Parish Website
Harvest Supper
St Marys
... Happening at All Saints
An Advent Reader

October 2004

Our Ministry
Harvest Celebrations and Harvest Thanksgiving Services
A Healing Service for St Luke's Tide
Music at Sunday Evening services
All Saints' Tide
Prestbury Mothers Union Group
360° Holiday Project
Greenbelt '04: Freedom Bound
The Children's Society
Support for Bereaved People in Prestbury
Prestbury Church Fete
Front Cover Pictures
Prestbury Passion Play
Ecumenical Service

September 2004

Prestbury - A Trendy Parish?
New Service at St Mary's
Eucharist with a Difference
Questioning Priorities and the Importance of a Relationship with God

July / August 2004

A Daunting Task
Summer Sunday Picnic
Sunday Club/School
'Church Magazines - Vital Local Outreach'
Gloucestershire Historic Churches Trust
Lichens in St Mary's Churchyard

June 2004

Daily Thoughts
An exciting new initiative at St Mary's!
Reflections on my Pilgrimage to Walsingham
Raymund Waker 1927 - 2004
The late Dave Browning
Eucharist with a Difference
Bible Poetry
Puzzling Partners in Prestbury Churchyard - Part III

May 2004

Mary's Month
Thanksgiving for Faithful Service
Mission & Outreach Action - an update
Student Cross: Pilgrimage or Pub Crawl
Puzzling Partners in Prestbury Churchyard - Part II
St Mary's Flower Arranging Annual Meeting 2004
Mothers' Union
Maundy Thursday - All-night watch
Palm Sunday procession and breakfast

April 2004

Essential Good News
Pancake Day 2004
Refreshment for Bereavement Visitors
Fantastic Support for Outreach Initiative
Parish Quiet Day
Snippets from the Tower
Puzzling Partners in Prestbury Churchyard - Part I
Bible Poetry Competition - Winning Entry

March 2004

Equal Partners
Lent is a time when we ...
Maundy Thursday Vigil 8-9 April
An Hour in the Tower
Mothers' Union
Victim Support
Parish Quiet Day
Clergy Rota
Open Morning in St Mary's Tower

February 2004

Looking forward
Chocolate for Lent?
Marriage in Church after Divorce
Twelfth Night
Real People       Real Issues       Real Life
Snippets from the Tower
Competition - with prizes!
Front Cover Pictures


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December 2003 / January 2004

Put God at the Centre
Making the best of Advent
Christingle - a Celebration of Light
Parish Consultation on St Mary's
Rockers Half-Hour
Mr Micawber said...
Of Itching and Scratching
Why Egypt?
Confirmation 2004
In Tune
A Combined Diocesan Choral Festival
Connecting ...
Sidmouth 2004

November 2003

Finding Words
Thought for the Day
Reader Ministry
Praying through Paint
Sidmouth 2003
Team Diary
All Saintstide
Bible Study
The Kingdom Season  - Studies on the Lords Prayer
To grow in understanding of the Good News
St Nicolas' Patronal Festival
Pictures from Weekend Away at Sidmouth

October 2003

Connecting ...
Ian Hazlewood
Youth Work
Ignation Retreat at Glenfall House
Gloucestershire Historic Churches Trust Sponsored Cycle Ride
Save The Children Fund
Snippets from the tower
A Temporary Experiment at St Mary's ...
The Romanian Orphanage Project
My Report of the Free Life Jamboree
Pictures from St Mary's Patronal Festival

September 2003

Fr Ian Hazlewood and Reg Viveash
Activities for younger people
Bible Study
William is home
Fr Reg Legg and St Nicolas' Church
Greenbelt 2003
St Mary's Patronal Festival

July / August 2003

Time for Recreation
A Summer Invitation
Gift of Robes
Snippets from the Tower
Plagues and Promises
Travels in Japan
Book Review and Play Review
Spring Harvest
Praying on the Internet
Christian Aid
The World We Live In
Romanian Orphanage

June 2003

Welcome Fr Grant!  and Congratulations Fr Peter!
Confirmation Service
Ordination Sunday
I am ...
Changing Youth Work
The Royal Maundy
Pilgrimage to Rome - February 2003
Celebration Talent Show & BBQ
Keep us in the picture
Where is William now
The London Marathon Experience
St Nicolas' celebrations

May 2003

St Nicolas' - Celebrating our Renewal
Team Ministry of Prestbury and All Saints
Peter Brown
Royal Maundy
Parish Annual Meeting 2003
St Mary's Flower Ladies AGM
Snippets from the Tower
The Ministry Leadership Team
Palm Sunday Procession
Good Friday Procession
Inside the renewed St Nicolas' church

April 2003

Leap of Faith
St Nicolas' Renewal - the final update
Lent: an Apology
Palm Sunday, 13 April 2003
The Youth Service - New Beginnings
Good Friday, 18 April 2003
St Nicolas' Spring Fair
Snippets from the Tower
Christian Aid Celebration
Musica Vera
Calling Musical Talent!
Floating on Ice

March 2003

A Dark Shadow
Malcolm McKelvey
Christian Aid Week 2003 - May 11-17
Where is William?
China - Another View
St Nicolas' Celebration Weekend 3rd - 5th May 2003

February 2003

How do we worship?
An important date for the diary!
New Curates
Bible Study in February
A Song in Season: a Postscript
Christmas Carols at Abbeyfield House
St Mary's Bake Stall - where the money went
Christmas Flowers
Youth Service
St Nicolas' Renewal - almost there!
Rockers Half-Hour
Snippets from the Tower
Experience China - China Experience


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December 2002 / January 2003

Our Sure and Certain Hope
Engaging Together About Things That Matter
Fr Stewart Kasembe
Hospital Visiting Scheme
In the New Year .....
A Report from the Diocesan Conference
Belfast Bears and Fall Figures
Last Month's Magazine
A Song in Season
Special Services for Christmas time
St Nicolas' Renewal - Progress Report

November 2002

Courageous faith
What happens at Bible Studies?
A Song in Season
Confirmation 2003
St Mary's Junior School Church Club
Mission & Outreach - an appeal!
All Saints' Tide services
A Double Welcome!
Harvest Suppper

October 2002

Welcome Fr Paul! and Welcome Ian!
Harvest Festival - 6 October 2002
Greenbelt 2002
Junior School Church Club
Hospital Visiting Scheme
News from PEC
Snippets from the Tower
Growing in Christ through the Seasons of Life
www prestbury net
e-mail addresses
Gloucestershire Historic Churches Trust Sponsored Cycle Ride
St Mary's Patronal Festival and Picnic
Prestbury Golden Jubilee Celebrations

September 2002

How time flies!
Ordination Training - only one year to go
SPRINGBOARD: the End of the Beginning
Bell Towers
Looking at the Maker's Manual
Spiritual Care for People with Dementia
Hospital Visiting Scheme
Notes on the name Noverton

July / August 2002

Sacred Spaces
Canon Paul Iles
Out of the Stained Glass Window
Hospital Visiting Scheme
Walsingham Pilgrimage 4th - 6th May 2002
Letter from Jeremy Sharpe
Visitors from India
Snippets from the Tower

June 2002

Fr Stephen writes
SPRINGBOARD - the next step
Who Needs Sleep Anyway?
Our Wonderful Experience of Walsingham
Please pray for

May 2002

A Knock on the Door
The Palm Sunday Walk
The Good Friday Procession
Easter Saturday at St Mary's
Easter Workshops
24-7 Prayer Recipe (22-29 March)
Diocesan Link
Springboard - the next step
St Mary's Flower Ladies AGM
Snippets from the tower
A Royal Memory

April 2002

Easter People
SPRINGBOARD, looking forward to Phase 3
A Celebration of Ministry
A Day in London
A Little Easy Listening
Annual Meeting 2002
St Nicolas' Renewal
Administration of the Chalice at St Nicolas'
Pastoral Care
Snippets from the Tower

March 2002

Fr Stephen writes ...
Springboard for Faith
Mandating of the Ministry Leadership Team
Parish Annual Meeting
Snippets from the Tower
24-7 Prayer
Ray Miller
Candlemas Quiz Night
The Church of South India Cross and Motto
Parish Pilgrimage to Walsingham 2002

February 2002

Fr Michael writes ...
Strive to be there on Shrove Tuesday!
The Lent Bookstall
Lent at Gloucester Cathedral
Committee Notes
Welcome to St Mary's Junior School
Christmas Carols at Abbeyfield House
The True Christmas
Millennium Steps
Suits You!


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December 2001 / January 2002

Fr Stephen writes ...
Elizabethan Banquet
The Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham
St Nicolas' Patronal Festival
Parish Carol Service, 16 December
SPRINGBOARD: A Rallying Call for Prestbury!
Wide Angle
MLT Update
Saturday Prayers for Peace
That was the year that was!
Bon Voyage from Prestbury St Mary's
A Review of Luke's Gospel on Tape.
Advent Readings

November 2001

Do This ...
MLT Update
SPRINGBOARD: What's happening?
Saturday Prayers for Peace
A Service for the Bereaved
Where's Walsingham and what happens there?
Harvest Festival, 7th October
Christian Aid
St Nicolas' Hall
Stir up!
GHCT Sponsored Ride 2001
Isabelle Elisabeth Kish
Parish Quiet Day RE-CREATE 22 September
To the Tatra Mountains
St Nicolas' Renewal Appeal
Church Architecture  - The Departed (2)

October 2001

Bearers of the message of forgiveness and hope
The future pattern of ministry for Prestbury and All Saints - update
Springboard 2001: Growing New Christians
Snippets from the Tower
Harvest Festival, 7th October
Glastonbury Pilgrimage
Ultimate Frisbee
Church Architecture - The Departed (1)

September 2001

Fr Stephen writes ...
Springboard 2001: Growing New Christians
Sunday School/Club News
From Albania into Kosova
News from the MLT, September 2001
Fr Paul
William Hazlewood's Ordination as Deacon
GHCT Sponsored Ride
Parish Sports
St Mary's Patronal Festival
St Nicolas' Renewal Appeal
Church Architecture - Chests

July/August 2001

Pastures New
Father Stephen writes ...
The Ministry Leadership Team
St Nicolas' Bell
Albania, Land of the "how many people can we cram into a bus" Game.
A Break in a Faraway Land
Working together
A Letter from Norway
Heydays - Amateur Stage
Summer Youth opportunites
Last Chance Dance
Church Architecture - Pews

June 2001

The Power of Prayer
What a Celebration!
Snippets from the tower
A message from Fr Ian Hazlewood
Lock in Synergy 12th-13th April 2001
Shoe Shining
Spring Harvest 2001
Church Architecture - Screens

May 2001

2001 Annual Report
Talent Show and Murder Mystery Evening
Fashion Show 28th March 2001
The Maundy Thursday Workshop
The Easter Workshop
William Hazlewood's Ordination - 2nd July
Church Architecture - The Altar

April 2001

Being and Belonging
Pastures New
A Future Pattern of Ministry for Prestbury
Holy Week
And then there were two!
Bible Study
¡Vivan Los Niños!
MLT Study Day - A Personal View
Youth Work
A Right Royal Reception
Spring Harvest 2001
St Nicolas' Senior Club
The Cheltenham Passion Play - The Video
Celebration of Marriage
Church Architecture - Preaching

March 2001

Lent - God's Springtime
There's still time to join a Housegroup for Lent
Out and About in the Wider World
A Prayer Diary
Communion before Confirmation
St Nicolas' Hall
Gloucestershire Historic Churches Trust - Sponsored Ride/Walk
Making Music Project
What is a Surprise Practice ?
A Letter from Sarah Lyle
Ice Hockey
Hockey in Prestbury
Church Architecture - Holes in the Wall

February 2001

Making the best use of our assets for God
Learning and Growing in 2001
Charitable Giving for the Parish of Prestbury for 2000
Snippets from the Belfry
St Nicolas Renewal - Events in 2001
Who wants to be a Christian
E-mail Addresses for the Parish
Matters of Pastoral Care
A Prayer Diary
Sermons on Tape
Lois Cleaver
Church Architecture - Fonts


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December 2000 / January 2001

Happy New Year!
The Duke of Wellington and a lady's dress...
Enjoying things together
Making Music
Yuletide Players
Snippets from the tower
St Mary's Flower Arrangers
You don't always need to give money!
A Letter to Fr Stephen from the Bishop of Masasi, Tanzania
Harvest Offering
Papal Audience

November 2000

Doing or Being
Rural Dean of Cheltenham
Gloucestershire Historic Churches Trust Sponsored Ride, 9 September 2000
All Kinds of Learning
Childrens Festival at Gloucester Cathedral
Parish Meeting
Marriage in Church after Divorce
St Nicolas Hall
Making Music
Up in the Gallery
The Bellringers' Day Out
Poetry from the Infant School

October 2000

The Ever Changing Body
Monthly Prayer Group
Making Music
Prestbury Youth Action
Expedition to Peru
A Letter from Fr Stewart Kasembe
Church Architecture - sundials; clocks and bells
Parish BBQ

September 2000

Holidays or Holy days
A Peruvian Adventure
Where have all those used Specs gone?
Jonah the Groaner Craft and Activity Day
Lillian’s Monumental Mission
St Nicolas’ Choir in Oslo
Diocesan Cricket
Making Music
Church Architecture - Windows (2)
St Mary’s Bellringers

July / August 2000

Pentecost 2000
Pilgrimage to the Holy Land May 2000
Church Architecture - Windows (1)
Back to School … for Parents!
Making Music
Visitors from America

June 2000

Close Encounters
Pentecost 2000 (P2k)
Alleluia! 2000 (1)
Alleluia! 2000 (2)
25 years of  Rockers’ Half-Hour
Making Connections
Church Architecture - Arches and Doorways (2)
Making Music

May 2000

Alleluia, Alleluia!
Welcome to our new Youth Worker!
Parish Annual Meeting
Feed on the Spirit
Rockers Half-Hour
Making Music
Chorister’s Award
Where were all the walkers?
Local Ministry Team
Maundy Thursday Workshop
May Devotions
Church Architecture - Arches and Doorways (1)

April 2000

From Lent to Easter
Good News Communities
Quiz Night
Joint Treasurers’ Report
The Children’s Society
Turn Up, Switch Off and Make a Difference!
St. Mary's Churchyard
Making Music
St. Nicolas’ Hall and Kitchen
Let it All Hang Out - 60s Night
An Appreciation
Church Architecture - Spires and Buttresses

March 2000

Fr Stephen writes ...
Lent 2000
Those away from home
Mission & Outreach
Ministry Leadership Team Brought to its Knees
Thank you Peter!
The Mothers' Union
Parenting the under-12s
Letters to the Editor
Cheltenham Passion Play 2000
Making Music
Church Architecture - Towers

February 2000

Holiday Slides
Parish Website
Books for Lent
Lent 2000
The Millennium Resolution
Making Music
Carols on Cleeve Hill
Fr Stewart Kasembe
The Ministry Leadership Team
A conversation by e-mail between Brian Wood and John Henson
Letters to the Editor


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December 1999 / January 2000

The Millennium is coming!
Planning for the Millennium
Living with Under-12s
Marriage Preparation Day
Food for Thought
Parish Pet Profile
Poetry Corner
The previous month’s question
The Fourth Picture
Last month’s questions

November 1999

A New Chapter
The Parish of All Saints, Pittville
Harvest at St. Mary’s Junior School
Learning more about our Faith
Home Groups
Confirmations 1999
The Prestbury Church Choirs
The Uniqueness of Yew Trees
Christingle Services
The Millennium in the Parish of Prestbury
Living with Under-12s
Prestbury Memorial Trust
Parish Pet Profile
Poetry Corner
Church Architecture - Enlargement
Last month’s questions

October 1999

Whatever happened to Fr Paul?
Gloucestershire Historic Churches Sponsored Cycle Ride
Servers and Serving
Total Eclipse
Prestbury Memorial Trust
Women’s Royal Voluntary Service
Barbara E. Noble
Newsletter from Jeremy Sharpe
Magazine Questionnaire - the main findings
Parish Pet Profile
Poetry Corner
Last month’s question

September 1999

A Very Important Day …
Coming Soon to a Venue near YOU - Homegroups
The First Year
St. Nicolas’ Ceiling and Windows
Fr Joseph John
SYNERGY - programme for the rest of 1999
Youth Work - where are we now
An extended anniversary
Quarterly Congregation Meeting
Income Tax £ Income Tax £ Income Tax £ Income Tax
The Children’s Society
Gift Day Song
Load of Balls
St Nicolas’ Amateur Dramatic Society - SNADS
Parish Pet Profile
Church Architecture - Plans
Poetry Corner

July / August 1999

Going on vacation this Summer or Fall?
Coffee at St. Mary’s
The Ecclesiastical Parish of Prestbury
Carrying the Standard
Churches Together in Cheltenham
Have you heard of Credit Unions?
Parish Pet Profile
Poetry Corner
Church Architecture - The Siting of the Church

June 1999

Pilgrimage to my in-laws ...
All Saints, Cheltenham
Rockers’ Half-Hour
Servant and Shepherd
St. Nicolas’ Vestry
News from Pastoral Care & Common-Life
Outreach & Mission Group - Magazine Questionnaire.
The Parish Pilgrimage to Walsingham
Parish Pet Profile
News from Education & Nurture
Finding our way round the Bible - Part 3
The Christian Aid Sponsored Walk
Japan …
Alleluia! 99 Faith for the Future
Poetry Corner

May 1999

We are the Easter people
Finding our way round the Bible - Part 2
Special memories
My first time as a server.
Parish Youth Worker
A prayer for Christian Aid Week
The Parish Development Team 1996-99
The Holy Motor-Bike
A letter from Jeremy Sharpe.
Parish Pet Profile.
Poetry Corner


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The Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of St Mary and St Nicolas Prestbury Cheltenham - Registered Charity No 1130933

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