Prestbury United Charities
registered charity 202655

Are you in Need ?

Do you know someone who is in Need ?

Perhaps we can help. Details of who the Prestbury United Charities can help, what we can do for those in Need and who you should contact, are given in this guide.

Who may apply:

Individuals, Groups and Societies.

There is no age restriction.  Anyone can apply on behalf of someone in need.

Who can be given help:

To qualify for assistance you must reside in the ecclesiastical Parish of Prestbury, Gloucestershire, or the adjoining Parishes of Swindon Village and Southam or the immediately adjacent areas (most of north Cheltenham) and also be in financial need.

Examples of Previous Benefits are:

bulletHeating for the disabled with special need.
bulletSecurity lights for the elderly.
bulletEquipment for the Village Schools.
bulletRepairs and redecoration.
bulletSupport for Riding for the Disabled.
bulletAssistance for Single Parent families.
bulletAssistance for Youth Groups.

How to Apply.

If you are in need, or if you are aware of any local need, please contact any of the Trustees or write to the Clerk. All applications are treated in STRICT CONFIDENCE.

For individuals seeking help a form needs to be completed.  The form may be downloaded here (PDF 270KB).  Please print, complete and return it to the clerk (at the address below).

The Trustees are required to assess all applications within the terms of the Charity.


The present Trustees are:

bulletThe Revd Nick Bromfield
bulletMrs Kate Bishop
bulletMs Pauline Clamp
bulletDr Wendy Price
bulletMr Nicholas Roach
bulletMrs Jeneth Slater
bulletCouncillor Mrs Pat Thornton
bulletMr Nigel Woodcock


Mr Brian Wood
2 Honeysuckle Close
GL52 5LN

telephone: 01242 515941



The Prestbury United Charities were formed from a number of small village charities. The earliest of these was founded 20th December 1646 and known as Poor's Ground.  Its object was to pay the whole yearly income to the churchwardens for the relief of the poor inhabitants of Prestbury.  There was an almshouse in Prestbury consisting of six rooms and a small garden where eleven people lived.  In the centre of the house was the inscription 'The gift of Ann Goodrich for the religious poor of 1720'.  The almshouse had no funds for its maintenance and so was generally maintained by the Poor's Ground charity.  During the 19th century several people left money to be invested and the interest was to be used to help the poor of the parish.  They were:  Mary Ellis; Thomas Bagshott De La Bere; Hester Ann Durham; Mary Durham; John Surman Surman and George Perton.  The above eight charities were amalgamated in a Scheme dated 12th May 1891 to be administered under the title of 'The Prestbury Parochial Charities'.  Mrs Margaret Ann Ryley by her will proved on 14th February 1923 left 200 to be invested.  The annual income was to be applied by the vicar and churchwardens of St Mary's Prestbury in the purchase of coal and blankets for distribution annually amongst the poor.  The above 9 charities were then amalgamated to form Prestbury United Charities by a Scheme sealed by the Charity Commissioners on 3rd June 1969.


The Charities originally owned two properties: Anne Goodrich Cottages and York Row - both in the High Street Prestbury - but had no working capital.

In 1954, the two Anne Goodrich Cottages were sold to the then Cheltenham Rural District Council, who erected six new dwellings on the site - the Charities retaining the right to nominate the residents for two of them.

In February 1988, York Row was sold. A bungalow was purchased from the proceeds, with the residual money being invested to produce an income. This income was used partly to maintain this dwelling but largely for Relief of Need.  In 2011 the bungalow was sold and the charity uses all its income for the Relief in Need within the ecclesiastical Parish of Prestbury and the adjoining Parishes of Swindon Village and Southam, which was the function of the original Charities.




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