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Prestbury Parish Magazine

June 2001

All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit ...
Acts 2:4.

June 2001


The Power of Prayer

What a Celebration!

Snippets from the tower

A message from Fr Ian Hazlewood

Lock in Synergy 12th-13th April 2001

Shoe Shining

Spring Harvest 2001


Some articles from this month's magazine have been included elsewhere in the web site:

Church Architecture - Screens

The Power of Prayer

How are you getting on with the Parish Prayer Diary? 'The what?' I hear you ask!

In March we launched a monthly diary with intentions for prayer for every day of the month. Many of the daily subjects for prayer relate directly to things which are happening within the life of the Church in Prestbury, or within our Parish.

'Why a Prayer Diary?' Well, prayer is a vital part of the work we do as followers of Christ. It is important that everything we do is rooted in prayer, surrounded by prayer and offered to God, in prayer.

'Doesn't God know about all these things already?' Yes, of course He does, but if they are of any importance or significance to us, then surely we will still want to tell him about them. Just as we share our hopes, our joys and our concerns with one another, so it should be natural that we share them with our Father God. By using the Prayer Diary, we can share some of these and they then become common concerns.

We also include some intentions for prayer that will continue throughout the month. In May, one of those was Christian Aid, which was a big focus during the month as many of us went out to collect in our Parish. We also include the names of those who are sick - those whose needs are of continuing concern for our prayers.

We've also asked if we can pray for you! It is good to be prayed for by name! We cannot necessarily explain why it feels good, but it does! Perhaps it's just knowing that people care for you enough to remember you before God. We've asked if you can find out the date of your baptism or confirmation, so that we can pray for you on the day that has special significance for you on your spiritual journey. If you are having problems finding those dates, perhaps you have another date which we could use. We'd like to avoid birthdays, so that people don't feel they need to rush out and buy a card! Please complete the tear-off slip in your next Prayer Diary and place it in the appropriate basket.

The monthly Prayer Diary is also used every day in Church. We use the day's intention at Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer and during the Eucharist. These services go on throughout the week, week in, week out, year in, year out. Thankfully, a small number of people are supporting them - more would be good! They offer these prayers on behalf of us all, joining their prayers with the prayers which are continuously being offered by the Church on earth and the Church in heaven. Now that combination must make for some powerful praying!

Fr Michael


What a Celebration!

Many, many thanks to all those who, in any way, contributed to the tremendous success of the Celebration of Marriage Weekend at the beginning of May. A great deal of work went into the planning and then the preparations and the actual three days themselves. The churches looked wonderful! The flowers in St Mary's were absolutely stunning and the displays of wedding dresses and Christening gowns in both churches were beautiful as well as being fascinating indicators of changing fashions (and waist lines!). The crafts at St Nicolas' attracted a lot of interest and people were very grateful for the excellent refreshments. Over 90 people attended the service in St Mary's on the Saturday afternoon, many couples taking the opportunity to renew the promises they had made to each other on their wedding day, which could have been anything from a year ago to almost 55 years! We then celebrated with traditional 'fizz' and a lovely 'wedding' cake.

In many ways, the amount of money we made for the St Nicolas' Renewal Appeal over the weekend is incidental. It was so good to have the churches open and to be able to welcome so many people - lots of whom were local, but had never been inside before! It was also such a wonderful 'joint effort' and it was good to see so much expertise being drawn together to such effect. And lastly, it was good to celebrate the institution of marriage, which although we must acknowledge is difficult for some people, is still, to quote from the Marriage Service, 'a gift of God in creation and a means of his grace'. A wonderful celebration - thank you all!

Fr Michael


Snippets from the tower

We were pleased to welcome Fr Michael to our tower AGM on Tuesday 6th March in the tower at 9 p.m. after our practice. He chaired the meeting, which ended just before 11!

We have recently paid 200 from our funds towards the work done to provide a new lightning conductor system at St Mary's.

Since the middle of March we have been trying a new structure to our Tuesday practices: learners are catered for during the first hour, and more adventurous method learning is attempted during the second session. We reviewed the new arrangements after a month and agreed to continue the trial for a further three months.

Traditionally we do not ring during Holy Week, but we were busy on the Tuesday with spring-cleaning the ringing chamber and carrying out routine maintenance of the bells. Ringing resumed on Easter Sunday morning and we rang a Quarter peal of Grandsire Triples for Evensong in 44 minutes.

We rang for the Celebration of Marriage service at 3.30 on 5th May and a quarter peal on 6th May for evening service consisted of 1260 changes of Plain Bob Triples conducted by Adam on his 14th birthday.

We are looking forward to ringing for the many weddings that have been booked for the summer.

Jenni Scruton

St Nicolas' Bell

Does any reader know the history of the bell at St Nicolas'? Was it newly cast or bought in, and if so does anyone know its previous use?

Anthony Smith

A message from Fr Ian Hazlewood

After the Parish Mass in Tavistock, a member of the Ringing fraternity handed Helen a photo copy of a page out of` The Ringing World (April). It contained the news of Prestbury's 1260 Grandsire Doubles in preparation for the Evening Service and for my 45th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood. Through the pages of the PPM I would like to express my grateful appreciation to all the ringers for this warming and most generous contribution to my wonderful day.

With my love and much thanksgiving.

Fr Ian


Lock in Synergy 12th-13th April 2001

It's 5:36 am and most of us have been awake since we got here. Some of us won't have slept in over 24 hours. All of us have done two half hour shifts keeping watch at the altar at St Nicolas' church. All through the evening we've been doing all sorts of cool stuff, making banners for the churches, doing silly team games and it's just been suggested that we do aerobics but that's going too far for most of us. In a little while we'll be planning the final worship and then we'll go in for the last half hour together like we started the vigil 7 hours ago.

It's been an interesting experience. A few people now are trying to get some kip while the rest of us are just chatting or in my case writing this. We've all been eating a lot of donuts! And I'm looking forward to breakfast. The only problem for me, and everyone else, is that I'm cooking. Never mind, I expect most of us will be spending most of the rest of today in bed. I certainly will. Help, there's a mad vicar holding a gun to my head!!!!!!!!!!!! Just because we're tired it doesn't mean we're not having fun. Jon's just pumped up the stereo and suggested aerobics again!

Sam Matthews


Shoe Shining

Sunday the 13th of May after church some of the Sunday School children were shining other people's shoes. Sunday School raised 47.10 altogether. We were giving this to Christian Aid to help Herbert's family and friends.

Sarah M & Louise A, both aged 8




Spring Harvest 2001 was a fantastic few days down in sunny (amazing!) Minehead just after Easter. We had a great time with friends and kept bumping into people we knew from other churches in Cheltenham too. The theme for the week was 'King of the Hill', when we studied the Sermon on the Mount, those very familiar chapters of Matthew's Gospel - but we found it challenging and learned a lot of new things. All the age groups studied the same thing, so it was good to hear some of the young people talking about what they had learned.

Spring Harvest offers a huge range of activities for all ages - music, worship, seminars, sports, drama plus all the usual Butlins facilities (swimming pool, etc), as well as being able to wander into Minehead or play on the beach.

Next year, Spring Harvest 2002 is called 'You've Got Mail', when we'll be looking at the early chapters of the book of Revelation - it promises to be another great week. Does anyone fancy joining us? It's a great week for all ages and you can do as much or as little as you like. The dates are around Easter again but booking opens on 13th June, so to get the best choice of accommodation, you need to decide soon!

We have lots of information and a video if you want to know more so please ask us in church (or take a look at

Andy & Kathy Beacham


Parish Sports

This month's sport player is Ben.


The sport I play is Tennis, which is played on court divided in two by a net. Tennis involves hitting a tennis ball with a racquet over the net into your opponent's half of the court. In tennis doubles there are two players each side and it is a wider court. I have been playing tennis at three different clubs since I was eleven. I have coaching on a Saturday morning in a group for an hour and a half. I am in the top group for the coaching which unfortunately means starting at 8.45 in the morning and then usually after that I go for some more coaching. I also play in some tournaments and arrange matches myself. The highest I finished in a tournament is third. I also have an LTA rating (LTA stand for Lawn Tennis Association). The lowest rating is 7.3 and the highest is 1.1. You can improve your rating by winning matches. Each time you get re-rated you have to win more matches. I only got a rating very recently which was 7.2 and I have just progressed to a 7.1.

To play Tennis you need to be quite strong, have a good eye for the ball and a good degree of accuracy. You also have to be fit and able to get around the tennis court. When playing tennis there are lots of different kinds of shots. There are volleys, forehands, backhands, smashes, serves etc. For these shots you can also put spin on the ball by hitting the ball in different places and also changing the angle of the tennis racquet.

Ben Banks


Forthcoming events ...

Marle Hill Gardens Open

Sunday June 17th   2.00 - 5.30

Tickets and maps available at St Nicolas' Church.  Adults 2, Accompanied children 1, Family ticket 5

Ample parking. Teas available at the church. All gardens within walking distance of the church.

Dance the night away to our very own ...

Favourite sounds from the 60s to the present

Don't miss Fr Paul's last appearance on
 the bass guitar in Prestbury!

St Mary's Hall, Bouncers Lane
Saturday 21 July 2001
Doors open 7.30 p.m.

Watch for more details and tickets soon

All proceeds in aid of the St Nicolas' Renewal Appeal

Summer Fayre has been postponed

We plan instead to have a Christmas Fayre to coincide with and celebrate the completion of the project.

Daphne Philpot

"WHO WERE THE HERODS?" A Second Performance

Tuesday 26th June, at St Mary's Infant School, Bouncer's Lane.

If you missed the event in February, you have a second chance to hear John Elliott unravel the connections and influence of this extended family. The evening will start with a summer meal at 6.45, with the talk following at 8 o'clock. Admission by ticket, 3.

Beryl Elliott

Circular Challenge Walk

I am intending to enrol for the Circular Challenge Walk on 24th June and am wondering if anyone else is intending to. If we send our names in to the organisers together under some such "Organisation Name" as "St Nicolas' Church Renewal Appeal" we can enter for 2 each as opposed to the 5 levy on individuals. If anyone is already organising a group could they let me know, but if not I can collect names.

Anthony Smith


Mid-Morning Music at St Mary's (MMMSM)

Our new season opens with a concert featuring two Music Scholars from Dean Close School, both studying music and about to go to university: Beccy Searle (clarinet) accompanied by Helen Porter (piano) and Harriet Williams (piano). Do join us in St Mary's church on Wednesday 27th June. Coffee is available at 10.30 and the concert starts at 11 o'clock. Admission is free. There will be a retiring collection in aid of church funds.

Christine McKelvey


Prayer Diary

The next Prayer Diary will be produced during the last week of June. If you would like to be involved in preparing some intentions for prayer, please speak to Fr Michael.

A date for your diary:

This year's Parish Quiet Day will be held on Saturday 22nd September at the Marist Centre, Nympsfield.



Prestbury Parish Magazine - June 2001

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