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Prestbury Parish Magazine

October 2002

Gathering in the harvest

Ask the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into his harvest field.
Matthew 9:38


October 2002


Welcome Fr Paul! and Welcome Ian!

Harvest Festival - 6 October 2002

Greenbelt 2002

Junior School Church Club


Hospital Visiting Scheme

News from PEC

Snippets from the Tower

Growing in Christ through the Seasons of Life

www prestbury net

e-mail addresses

Some articles from the magazine have been included in the Events Section

Gloucestershire Historic Churches Trust Sponsored Cycle Ride

St Mary's Patronal Festival and Picnic

Prestbury Golden Jubilee Celebrations

The Calendar for October

Welcome Fr Paul!

Canon Paul Iles begins his ministry with us from 1st October. He will be with us on Sunday 6th October, 9.30 am at St Nicolas', 11.00 am at St Mary's.

From this month our pastoral team is considerably strengthened by the arrival of Fr Paul, who has previously been a Residentiary Canon of Hereford Cathedral for many years, and also Canon Precentor (responsible for all the Cathedral music). Fr Paul has written several books on worship and on prayer. He is an outstanding musician and a Fellow of the Royal College of Organists. He was also parish priest of Fishponds in Bristol and St Philip, St James and St Margaret in North Oxford. We are fortunate to have this very lively and wise priest to join us.

All Saints' are welcoming Fr Paul at Choral Evensong on 6th October at 6.30pm and afterwards wine and cheese will be served.

Welcome Ian!

Ian Higginson has become our Parish Assistant Director of Music with responsibility for St Nicolas from 1st October. Ian brings considerable experience and musical expertise. He also brings an infectious enthusiasm for music in worship. A potted biography of Ian is printed in this magazine.

Fr Stephen

St Nicolas' Choir need new members

Ian Higginson will be Organist and Choir Director at St Nicolas' and Assistant Parish Director of Music from 1 October 2002.

If anyone is interested in joining the choir at St Nicolas', please e-mail Ian at The choir rehearse at 6.30pm on Friday evenings and sing the morning service on a Sunday. They also join up with St Mary's Choir from time to time and occasionally for 'United Services' with All Saints' Church

Both Ian and the choir would be delighted to welcome new members.


Harvest Festival - 6 October 2002

Our Harvest offerings this year will again go to Cheltenham Community Projects (CCP). This organisation does a huge amount of good work with young people and their families in the Cheltenham area - providing accommodation, practical and emotional support at times of crisis (including to young people held in police custody) and improved access to employment, training, education and leisure activities.

CCP are very much looking forward to receiving our offerings, which should be dried or tinned food, or toiletries - no fresh food, fruit, vegetables etc. please. Please deliver your donations to either church, ideally during the morning of Saturday 5th October, so they can be displayed for the Harvest services on Sunday.

If you can then assist with transporting the goods from St Mary's or St Nicolas' to CCP on the morning of Tuesday 8 October, please contact Kay Porter or Daphne Philpot.

Daphne Philpot
(for the Mission & Outreach Committee)

Greenbelt 2002

This summer bank holiday weekend I went camping with Bethesda Youth Group for the Greenbelt Christian Arts Festival. I had been last year with Bethesda, and enjoyed it so much that I decided to join them again.

Camping was great fun, because we had to do our own cooking etc. It was really cold in the evening, even with 4 jumpers on!

I went to see a lot of bands and comedy sketches. delirious? on the last night were very good, and the atmosphere was great amongst the crowd.

The highlight of the weekend for me was the Ned Flanders evening. Here we worshipped, using hymns and liturgies adapted for the Simpsons. I also enjoyed the Sunday service led by Archbishop Rowan Williams, where I had hula hoops as communion.

The thing that amazed me most at Greenbelt was the safe, friendly atmosphere, and that you could easily talk to anyone. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, and I can't wait until next year.

Hazel Rudge

Did you see the camel?

Andy B, Andy M and Sharon M took 17 young people (12 from Prestbury, 5 from North Leigh, near Witney) to Greenbelt for the August bank holiday weekend. They camped in the youth area about 15 minutes walk from the grandstand. Here are some of their comments ...

'The pigeons will get there soon' (reference to theories about mobile phone technology) 'We need to brush our teeth ... and shower' 'Nah, why bother?' 'I need chocolate' 'Lots of great people' 'Cool bands' 'Great moshers' 'Long way to walk' 'Interesting things to do' 'Christianity rocks' 'delirious? were brilliant - the atmosphere was intense' 'The line up was great.' 'Fired up by the honesty and passion for a God of justice and grace.' 'it was really gd, & meetin da ppl from North Leigh was really gr8' 'The people and the atmosphere meant you could never be down for long. You could go to whatever you wanted as there was always someone else who wanted to go too!' 'Greenbelt is an amazing experience so can we please do it again?'

... some of the things they did ...

Clay models (including Gandalf and a cave troll); Cooked and ate the worlds most well cooked curry; Putting up a tent with no outer; Dressing up as santa and Jedi Knights; Supporting Quench (featuring Jamie from St Barnabas'); Dyeing hair; Salsa dancing; Sharing communion with 10,000 other people; Listening to the new Archbishop; Classical music with fireworks; Discussing world faiths, evangelism, the Bible and life (oh and rules too) till 3am; Listening to My Bottlerockit, delirious?, All Star United, Martyn Joseph, Tom Robinson, Steve Knightley, A big funny guy from New Zealand; Ceileidh; Ate d'oh nuts, noodles, kebabs, chips, wedges, curry, ice cream, pot noodle; Drank coffee; Listened to Winnie the Pooh -

... and what about the adults? ...

Heard Rowan Williams (briefly) and someone on making a difference in your community. Service was good (some thought it was too 'contrived for TV') we ended up possibly starting the dancing - certainly were on Songs of Praise - lots of great African Spiritual Songs, sharing food with everyone else, anointing people with oil, hearing the story of the woman washing Jesus' feet - very powerful (in story form). Photo exhibition - struck by Grandparents with 13 orphaned Grandchildren and the generous hospitality of people who (by our standards) had virtually nothing for themselves.

Saturday: keep fit session at 9.30am, then Bishop Riah of Jerusalem expounding the parable of the Good Samaritan. Sitting on the grass listening to a string quartet at lunchtime, and later a talk by Archbishop Rowan. The camel was standing quietly outside a marquee where there was a session by a group which takes Israelis and Palestinians into the desert to learn about reconciliation. And having only ever seen the grandstand in the distance from Prestbury, it was rather interesting to stand on the top balcony and look back across at St Mary's. The centre of the racecourse was a multi-coloured sea of tents and caravans. Maybe I'll camp next year ...

Compiled by Andy Macauly and Frances Murton


As Greenbelt was being held at the racecourse I decided to go along for the first time this year to find out what it was all about. I arrived on a misty Sunday morning in time to participate in the Communion service along with 12,000 other people. I met with a group of friends from Bethesda church and we managed to find a small patch of grass right next to where Archbishop Rowan Williams was taking the service. We were encouraged to share what food we had. Instead of bread and wine we shared Pringles and Liquorice Allsorts and were treated to the sight of the Archbishop dancing with a member of the congregation.

Afterwards there were lots of things to see and do including art exhibitions, singing and craft workshops, dramas, bands, seminars, all kinds of worship and freshly-baked chocolate brownies in the tea tent. I attended two interesting seminars and finished the day by listening to an open-air classical concert accompanied by silent fireworks.

I decided to return the next day. I was entertained by a Christian travel writer telling us about his eventful voyage to Easter Island in a reed boat and watched a very funny drama about life in an Anglican church, (very close to home). The theatre company along with many other acts were performing for no fee to help Greenbelt to be able to keep running each year.

It was a long but very enjoyable day which finished high up in the grandstand where we listened to delirious? whilst all the younger people partied down below. The whole festival had such a relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere I will definitely go again next year.

Ruth Rudge


Junior School 'Church' Club

We have been invited to set up a Christian after-school club, similar to our Sunday School meetings, for children aged 7-11. It would take place once a week, from 3.15pm to approx 4.30pm, at the School. If you would like to help with this, please speak to Fr Michael.

Parish Youth Forum

The Parish Youth Forum is holding a meeting to discuss the practicalities of a youth service, run by and for young people. The meeting is at 7.30pm on 11th November in the Upper Room at St Mary's, and all are welcome to come and express their opinions.

David Smith



This month we look forward to Stewardship Sunday - when we take a look at how much of our time, talents and money we will commit to God and His church.

Biblically, we are asked to give 10% of our income. Whilst this may seem a lot, if we look at it from another angle it leaves us with 90% for ourselves - surely this is a very good deal! When we consider the amount the Church has to pay for our quota, the upkeep of fabric, heating, lighting, repairs etc, a very great deal of income has to be generated to keep our heads above water. Currently our expenditure exceeds our income by 142.00 per week, thus calling on any funds in hand. These, however, will not last forever and we have to think now of the future, to ensure the church is still here for our children and grandchildren. So perhaps, when we receive our stewardship letter, we might consider increasing our weekly giving to that 10% figure, or by joining the Gift Aid scheme, which generates an extra 28 pence for every pound donated, courtesy of the Inland Revenue.

Our time and talents are also to be considered. Could we offer to help on a committee, with children's work or on a coffee or flower rota? All are jobs that need to be done and always need extra helpers. Please offer if you have any spare time and would like an extra job!

Marion Beagley (Stewardship Committee)


Hospital Visiting Scheme

We have had an overwhelming number of volunteers offering to take part in this new scheme which will finally begin during October. In September, members of the group attended a very informative training evening run by 'Accord', who specialise in training for pastoral care.

If you are aware of someone (including yourself) who might appreciate a visit, whether they are in one of the hospitals, in a nursing or residential home, or restricted to their own home, please speak to one of the contact people. They are Margaret Holman and Di Petchey at St Mary's, John Elliott at St Nicolas', or one of the clergy. One of the volunteers will then be asked to visit and they will take a card with pictures of both churches on it and containing a message from us all. The card will hopefully make it clear that they are visiting on behalf of all the members of St Mary's and St Nicolas' - on behalf of 'The Church'.

Although the scheme will begin to operate this month, we will formally commission the visitors on Sunday 1st December, but in the meantime please keep them, this new scheme and all who will be visited, in your prayers.


News from 'PEC' (Parish Events Committee)

Many thanks to all those who sent in a reply offering to be part of a catering team. The committee intends to use these volunteers, who are from both congregations, as a pool to draw from, with two co-ordinators, one from each church. The co-ordinators will then contact volunteers as and when they are required. All those who have offered will be contacted by letter - it is still not too late to volunteer! Please speak to Kay Porter in the Parish Office.


Snippets from the Tower

We have had quite a busy summer with weddings etc. Visiting ringers from the Nene Valley swelled our numbers to almost twenty one Sunday morning!

We have managed to ring for every Sunday service except for one evensong when everyone was either on holiday or out for the afternoon.

We rang on September 7 at 12.30 for the start of the parish Jubilee Celebrations.

On September 14 most of our ringers joined other members of the Cheltenham Branch of the Gloucester and Bristol Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers for their annual ringing outing, which took in Witney, Burford, Coln St Aldwyns, Fairford and Watermoor, Cirencester. It was an interesting ringing experience. All the towers had eight bells (like St Mary's), their tenors varied from 8cwt to 19cwt and all had their funny quirks to exercise our handling skills.

Jenni Scruton


Growing in Christ through the Seasons of Life

This is the theme of a series of Tuesday evening seminars starting this autumn at Redcliffe College in Gloucester. The evenings will offer plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion, and you are welcome to attend as many as you like, or come on a one-off basis.

The Poison of Perfectionism: Exploring some of the causes. 1 October 2002
Anger - too hot to handle? What does the Bible say? 5 November
Angels or Worms? A Biblical view of self and self-esteem. 3 December
Assertiveness Part 1: Clear Communication, better relationships. 21 January 2003
Assertiveness Part 2: Resolving conflict in church and family. 18 February
True and False Guilt: How do you tell the difference? 18 March
Marriage Matters part 1: Chalk and Cheese. 22 April
Marriage Matters Part 2: The clash of marriage and ministry. 20 May

The cost is 7 per seminar, and the evenings run from 7.30 - 9.30, including light refreshments. If you are interested, I have a little more information and booking forms, or you could look at the website:

Beryl Elliott


 .... is the address of our new web site.

The old web site at (*)will still be there for a while, but why change? Firstly it is easier to remember a short name than the long name with its complicated punctuation. The second reason is to make the site easier for me to maintain. Another reason is to make navigation simpler for you. And it is always beneficial to make a fresh start.

Have a visit and mark it with a favourite bookmark in your browser. You will find much that is familiar and some extras. Every page has a common look so you know you are still in the site. There are links to help you navigate around the important sections of the site. There is a page that lists all the other pages to help you see what is available and to go straight to the page you want. There is even a search facility to help you find pages with a particular word you think may be present. Use the feedback form to let me know how you got on.

There are some things which are not there yet. Apart from one prominent team there are gaps to be filled giving information about our committees and teams. So chairmen and secretaries, please let me know who you are and what you do and how we get in contact. Worse than that: there is nothing aimed at the people who do not come to our church. Can you write something for them?

My mission statement is: To make the website the preferred medium for all to find out information about our churches.

Brian Wood


* since this page was written the old domain name now points to this site.


e-mail addresses

With the new domain name you can all have easy to remember (and guess) e-mail addresses. Some are already set up for use.

admin is for the parish office;
magazine  is for our magazine editor;
mlt is for the secretary of the Ministry Leadership Team;
youth is for our youth worker (Andy Macauly);


is for yours truly.

Other addresses use familiar names (you needn't bother about upper and lower case letters; any combination will work). Notice the dot between the two parts. Our clergy are special; they get two each!

Fr.Stephen and Stephen.Gregory go to the same person, as does
Fr.Michael and Michael.cozens

Similar addresses are set up for: 


What happens is the e-mails are automatically redirected to the recipients' real addresses in much the same way as the Post Office redirects your mail when you move house. Nobody need know you use tesco or freeserve or whatever.

If you would like an address of instead of the impersonal address your ISP gave you just send me an e-mail request.

Brian Wood



Harvest Weekend

5 and 6 October 2002

Saturday 5th at 7.30pm
Harvest Supper and Entertainment
in St Nicolas' Hall

Sunday 6th
St Nicolas' and St Mary's
Harvest Thanksgiving and welcome of Canon Paul Iles.

At St Nicolas' we will also welcome the new Assistant Director of Music, Mr Ian Higginson

Harvest Flowers

Doreen Morris is organising the distribution of the harvest posies this year and will be grateful for any offers of help on Monday 7 October.


All Souls' Day - Saturday 2nd November

11.00am Sung Requiem Mass

Please add names of loved ones whom you wish to be remembered to the list by the entrance to the Church.

All Saints' Tide

On Sunday 3rd November, we shall pay our return visit to All Saints' to join the celebrations to mark All Saints' Tide. Afterwards there will be a Bring and Share Lunch.
This follows the very happy United Sunday Family Eucharist held at St Mary's to honour our Patronal Festival in September when well over 200 people from all three churches gathered together, followed by a most enjoyable shared lunch.


Bible Study

Put these dates into your diary for the next couple of months. In December bible studies will cease to allow everyone to join in with the advent meetings. Watch for details on the weekly notice sheet of when we'll be starting up in January. Alternatively, speak to Sue Read at church.

Thur 10th October on Colossians
Wed 23rd October on James (part 1)
Thur 7th November on Titus
Wed 20th November on James (part 2)


'Crack Cancer' Coffee Chain

Marle Hill and Prestbury WIs are jointly holding a Coffee Morning in Prestbury WI Hall on Saturday 12th October from 10am to 12noon to raise money for the Cobalt Unit. There will be a Raffle and various stalls including Cakes, Craft, Bric-a-Brac and Produce. All are welcome. Entrance 1 to include tea/coffee and a scone.



Prestbury Parish Magazine - October 2002

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