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Prestbury Parish Magazine

March 2006


Draw closer to God


Musica Vera concert – in memory of Jill Yates

The Revd Glyn Jenkins

Prestbury & Pittville Youth

African Thank You

This Month at Celebrate!

Prestbury Fabric Committee Report

Football Match Report

A Placement with a Difference

Across Iran with Sarah Lyle

The Helicopter

Parish Annual Meeting

Parish Office Emails

The Holy Land … in one week!

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The Calendar for this month

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The Parish Registers  2006


Draw closer to God

As we enter the season of Lent I cannot help recalling my visit to the Mount of Temptation whilst I was on pilgrimage in the Holy Land. (You can read a little more about the trip elsewhere in this edition of the magazine!) We travelled up from Jericho by cable car to a point which allowed us to look out over the land below. We were reminded that the devil tempted Jesus by showing him a similar view and offering it all to him if Jesus would worship him. Jesus replied, ‘it is written: “worship the Lord your God and serve only him.”’.

Self-control and worship: a strange combination, but two things which can help to give us a proper focus for Lent.

Self-control is about more than resisting the chocolate biscuits! It is about having control over the time you give to God during the forty or so days leading to Easter. How have you resolved to use this God-given time, sometimes called ‘God’s Springtime’? Perhaps in joining in one of the Lent Groups which are meeting across our Team Ministry. Possibly by selecting one of the many Lent books which are available, or by setting aside some time for some extra Bible reading. That could quite simply be looking again at the Sunday morning readings and reflecting on them.

You also have control over the time you give to prayer and worship. Lent is a good time to look again at your pattern of prayer and perhaps to try something different. Morning and Evening prayer times are advertised, as well as the times of the weekday Eucharists. Perhaps you can attend Mid-day prayer on Tuesdays during Lent? Also, you have control over your pattern of Sunday worship: why not endeavour to do all you can to join with one of our worshipping communities on the Sundays of Lent?

Lent is a wonderful time to draw closer to God, and self-control and worship are excellent tools to do that!

Fr Michael



… when we seek happiness?

    … when we face suffering?

        … when we make decisions?

            … when we contemplate death?

                … when we try to make sense of life?

A five-session course with booklet and audio resources


  • Rowan Williams,
  • Patricia Routledge,
  • Joel Edwards,
  • Pauline Webb and
  • David Hope

During Lent groups are meeting in homes across the Team to reflect on the issues raised by the 2006 York Course: Where is God…? At the time of the magazine going to press, there were already six firm venues, available on various afternoons and evenings of the week, and by the time you read this, there will be more. There is a charge of £5 for the whole course, including the booklet – good value at only £1 for each session. Sign-up sheets are available in each church and transport can be arranged if required. Do come and join us for discussion and hospitality. If you require more information, please speak to:

Colin Holman at St Mary’s
Margaret Compton at St Nicolas’
Jennifer Swinbank at All Saints’

Praying Together in Lent

Do join us in St Mary’s for prayers at mid-day on Tuesdays during Lent. As with last year, we shall use a resource booklet produced by Bishop Michael. If you are interested, this is available on the Diocesan Website and could be used every day during Lent.

Musica Vera concert – in memory of Jill Yates

Members of Musica Vera will be paying tribute to one of the Choir’s former members on Saturday 18 March, 7.30 pm at All Saints’ Church, Cheltenham. Jill Yates, who died after a short illness last September, had been a member of the Choir since the 1980s, during which time she served as Social Secretary and Chairman. A programme of some of Jill’s favourite choral music has been put together, and this includes Vivaldi’s Gloria, also music by Byrd, Brahms, Bruckner, Fauré, Gabrieli, Mozart, Pearsall, Purcell, Rachmaninov, Sanders, Stanford and Vautor. The Conductor is Graham Alsop, and solos in the Gloria will be sung by Dani May and Sylvia Strange.

Tickets cost £10, to include refreshments, and will be available at the door, or from Showcase, 13 Montpellier Arcade, Cheltenham, Tel 01242 224144.

Net proceeds to the Leukaemia and Intensive Chemotherapy Fund (LINC).

Angela Walker, Choir Secretary


A Concert for Jill Yates

On Saturday 18 March Musica Vera will be performing a concert in memory of Jill Yates, who was a keen member of the choir, a committee member and Chairman over a number of years. Much of the programme consists of Jill’s known favourites, and the money raised will go to the Leukaemia charity LINC. The article above gives details of tickets, time etc.

When I first heard about the concert, I wrote to the present Chairman asking that it be given at St Mary’s, Jill’s church. He replied very sympathetically, and I quote: ‘The organ was the sticking point, and it was unanimously agreed that if the choir is to perform Jill’s choice of music to a standard we hope she would appreciate, we had to compromise on the venue…’.

So All Saints’ was chosen, and is after all part of our Team Ministry. But whatever the place, this is to be a performance for Jill, given by the choir with whom she sang for so many years. I sang alongside her in that choir for ten years, and valued her friendship, as did so many others. Please support this venture, and join the choir as they celebrate the life of a talented musician and dear friend to so many of us.

Sue Fairclough

The Revd Glyn Jenkins

We send our good wishes to the Revd Glyn Jenkins on his retirement this month after eighteen years as minister in the United Reformed Church in Cheltenham (URCiC, comprising Prestbury, Warden Hill and St Andrew’s). Glyn’s last service in Prestbury URC, Deep Street, will be the Communion Service at 11am on Sunday 12th March, and his farewell service will be at St Andrew’s, Montpellier, at 4pm on Sunday 19 March. All are welcome to attend either service.

Please also remember the URCiC in your prayers during the coming months as they go through the process of appointing new ministers.


Prestbury & Pittville Youth Year 9+ Activity Weekend

31 March – 2 April

Please pray for all those who will take part in this weekend. It is a mix of full on outdoor activity, time to relax, chat and pray at Viney Hill Christian Adventure Centre. There is still place for young people to join.

For further information contact Andy Macauly.

Laser Tag

Darklight Laser Tag in Gloucester has become a bit of a favourite venue for Youth activities. Our latest trip there included young people from The Space, Elevate and Pittville Circus Skills. The aim (in addition to seeing how many of ‘the opposition’ you could blast with the lasers) was to deepen friendships, both within groups and between groups.

Twenty people in all took part – it was competitive but good humoured and a fantastic time was had by all. It is always great to see bridges being built between people who were previously strangers.

Andy Macauly

Pittville Youth Action Group

The group of students Andy works with on a Wednesday have just finished a stint of work at Prestbury Hall. The young people worked hard in the first phase of providing improved outdoor areas at the venue. There was a great team spirit as we dug and barrowed and a sense of achievement in clearing and preparing the area. This work will go towards the ASDAN qualification for the students.

It was good to work alongside John, Linda and the team; we look forward to seeing the project develop further. Please get in touch with Andy if there are similar community projects which the group might be able to help with.

Andy Macauly


African Thank You

In the December/January magazine I requested goods for the Mothers’ Union Congo Appeal. Now I write to say an enormous Thank You for your support. Boxes were available in the three churches and at St Mary’s Junior and Infant schools.

During January various parts of our house were gradually taken over by sewing machines, embroidery threads and cottons, tools (both gardening and carpentry), school clothes and children’s underwear. More goods seemed to arrive each day and needed to be sorted. Geoff was responsible for checking all sewing machines and tools (a task that kept him out of mischief in the garage for hours) and I looked after the other goods.

Goods donated included eight sewing machines and a large number of tools (some of which were brand new), endless sewing items (all of which were packed in boxes that would be reused in the Congo) and hundreds of pairs of children’s knickers. In fact we had over 200 new pairs plus a vast quantity of very good second hand, so the pupils will be very decently clad! We also received some ecclesiastical clothing together with other church goods all of which will be gladly welcomed by the African clergy.

Ruth with her house full

The start of February saw us packing everything into large packing cases which were clearly labelled in English and French, thanks to a translator at St Nicolas! With some concerns about weight (remember the eight sewing machines), we then packed our car, a large estate, to go to the MU office in Gloucester. I was due to travel with Geoff to help with the unpacking. In the end I couldn’t be fitted in! The front passenger seat and foot well were full of boxes!

Ruth with her car full

The task is over and we have reclaimed our home. Thank you again for your generosity and thoughtfulness. Your help means that many people will have a better start in life using items which we take for granted. It may also interest you to know that as well as the goods from Prestbury, a couple of our MU members joined a group washing, checking and packing four large crates of spectacles for the Congo also.

There seems to be an opinion that the Mothers’ Union only ever dispenses tea and cakes. Don’t you believe it! We meet monthly and details are always in the church magazine or speak to our Branch Leader, Marion Beagley.

Ruth Shaw


This Month at Celebrate!

This month we’re basing our worship round some of Jesus’ ‘I am…’ sayings:

I AM …

… the way, the truth, the life

… the light of the world

… the bread of life

… the true vine

… the good shepherd

… the door for the sheep

… the resurrection and the life

Why my family go to Celebrate!

About a year ago I started taking my young daughters to Celebrate! at St Mary’s Church. I wanted to bring my children up in the Church and also get more involved with Church life myself. However, I was concerned about how this could be done and at the same time keep my children quiet and still for the duration of a service.

Luckily, Celebrate! provided the answer! It starts at 9.30 every Sunday morning and the atmosphere is very relaxed and welcoming. Bible stories are taught in fun ways, with lots of audience participation, or often acted out by the Celebrate! team. I think that this keeps the message entertaining and digestible but without diluting it. The children never seem to get bored which also means that the adults can relax and listen to what is being taught.

The music is modern and upbeat and led by Celebrate!’s dedicated band. Children (and adults) join in the songs with percussion instruments. My children are usually dancing in the aisle during the more jolly songs!

Celebrate! is a very social occasion. The service ends with lots of chat and laughter as biscuits and drinks are served.

I would recommend Celebrate! to anybody, young or old, who wants to explore faith or get more involved in the local community. But I especially recommend it to families with children who are too young yet to have ‘quiet’ and ‘still’ on their agenda!

Dee Campling


A Not So Swift Half

One of the important aspects of Celebrate! is the value of fostering genuine community. It was with this in mind that we decided to invite men with links to Celebrate! to meet at the pub.

After some rejigging of venue due to renovation work we ended up at The Plough on Monday 6 February. There were about ten of us in all, just spending time together chatting. Personally I valued the whole thing about hearing snippets of other people’s stories, just that sense of ‘company’ – people with you on the journey. Oh and the scrumpy was good too…

This initiative is not intended to be exclusive – there is a ladies’ night being planned for Wednesday 22 March. We deliberately set out to give opportunities for just men and just ladies to meet, separately. Apart from anything else, this can make the logistics of babysitting easier.

The Celebrate! team hope to plan similar socials for men in the future – which would of course be open to those from any congregation and hopefully to those who are not yet part of a congregation.

For more information or suggestions about either the men’s or ladies’ events please contact Andy or Sharon.

Andy Macauly


Prestbury Fabric Committee

Report of meeting 27 January 2006 held in the Upper Room

St Mary’s Church Hall

The lease for the hall is now with the PCC.

Parish Office

A small working party has moved the St Nicolas’ choir to their new home in the ambulatory in order to relocate the parish office to what was the choir vestry. This has been repainted and the heating pipes are to be boxed in, and new sockets are to be fitted. The present office furniture will be moved to the new site, new furniture will be purchased when there is a need for it.

New Signs

The deposit has been paid for all the new signs for St Mary’s churchyard and the gateway and entrance to St Nicolas’.

St Nicolas’ Church

The revised Quinquennial report is still awaited.

There is to be a cupboard in the right hand entrance hall toilet to accommodate the flower stands and to enable the removal of the clutter at present in that toilet.

St Mary’s Church

The Quinquennial report has been received; we await the specifications. The wooden floor by the font has been repaired along with the broken tiles in the nave area. The restoration of the painting of the Last Supper is still being explored.

The Upper Room has been tidied and reorganised. It is to be repainted and curtains are to be hung. There will be a cupboard for Celebrate! at the top of the stairs; the bookcase there at present will go into the Upper Room.

Wall cupboards are to be placed in the toilet for the cleaning materials for cleaning the church.

St Nicolas’ Hall

Trial holes are to be made to check the foundations of the hall in the corner where the cracking has occurred.

Date of next meeting

4.15pm Friday 24 March at St Nicolas’.

Should you have any comments or questions, please submit them in writing to Jackie Moles at the Parish Office or by email to These will be presented to the committee at their next meeting.

Jackie Moles, Fabric Committee


Match Report

Prestbury v Cambray Baptist Church

Saturday 11 February found a very small band of loyal supporters shouting encouragement to the Prestbury Churches Football team. The game appeared to start badly when the Prestbury goalkeeper, John Sexton, injured his right arm. Nevertheless he carried on playing, although clearly in pain. A few minutes later, Cambray scored their first goal, but Tim Rudge soon equalised for Prestbury. However, Cambray scored again from the kick-off and the first half ended 2–1. The Prestbury team played some good balls to their strikers, but the speed of the Cambray defence often outran them. Cambray soon scored their third goal and the Prestbury team tried to get a goal but hit the post. Steve Hawkins for Prestbury scored two goals in the second half, but the final score was 6–3 to Cambray.

Fr Michael and Simon Cozens
reporting from The Burrows Sports Field, Leckhampton


A Placement with a Difference

Nick Kaleniuk, a trained barrister and practising immigration lawyer, is currently on placement in Prestbury and All Saints’ as part of his preparation for training for ordination. Here he shares some of his first impressions… and a fond farewell.

Perhaps like me you believe God has a tremendous sense of humour. I think He smiled last summer when I puzzled at His purpose in determining that I should not start my training for ordination without first completing a period of pre-theological training at churches very different from the ones I am used to. ‘Just wait and see where I place you’ He must have said.

God does have a way of using humour, amongst other things, to guide and encourage us. It was by the Grace of God that Father Michael and Father Stephen agreed to my placement at All Saints’, St Mary’s and St Nicolas’ Churches from All Saints’ Day 2005 to Easter Day 2006.

Having wondered at what we might experience I can now say that my wife, Alex, and I will find it an enormous wrench to say goodbye to everyone when my placement ends on 16 April. We have experienced the tremendous warmth of people here and an awesome sense of devotion in worship.

We have benefited from the wonderfully varied aspects of life and worship in the region. From the fun and vitality of the Celebrate! services at St Mary’s, to the fantastic family-friendly ‘Eucharist with a Difference’ at St Nicolas’, to the exquisite reverence of various other services that we have attended.

It has been insightful and a privilege to witness some of the day-to-day life of a minister when I have shadowed Father Michael in some of his daily duties – such as his work with schools in Prestbury. It seems there is never a quiet moment for a priest.

But perhaps one of the most striking impressions that all three of the churches have left upon me is the impression of a desire to give to God the very best of oneself. Something else which brings a smile to God’s face I am sure.

Nick Kaleniuk


Across Iran with Sarah Lyle

Sarah and fellow cyclists, Pauline, Nic, Jamie and Dom, together with Rowena and Dickie driving the support vehicle, are continuing their journey from the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea, to the highest, Everest. The team entered Iran on 12 January, and in less than a month had crossed a country three times the size of France. During this time they passed the half-way point in their 8000km (5000 mile) cycle. They cycled in snow and ice, and had days when they needed to find shade from the sun. They cycled through mountains and across plains, through fields of pistachio plants and busy towns. The people were friendly and very generous – major repairs to the van were carried out free of charge. The team spent a day in Bam, where MERLIN, one of the charities they are supporting, provided tents, food, blankets and medical aid barely 24 hours after the major earthquake on 24 December 2003. They left Iran on 11 February and are now somewhere in Pakistan. Comments from members of the team: ‘Iran really is a beautiful country yet this is something which shamefully never gets mentioned due to all the other associated political matters.’ ‘The people have been fantastic, welcoming and always willing to help.’ ‘Iran has been a wonderful host to EverestMax and will have a special place in our memories. The country is vastly different from the one politicians like to paint and I urge you to consider it as an alternative venue for your next holiday. You will not regret it.’ For up-to-date information see the online diary on


The Helicopter

It was Science Week at St Mary’s Junior School in early February and one day we were all asked to keep our coats on at the start of the day and stand by the big playground. Then an Army man tied a big piece of red fabric to the fence and set off an orange smokebomb.

A few minutes later an Army Helicopter appeared and hovered over the playground. Then it landed right in front of us! We all had a look around it and asked the pilot lots of questions. He let us sit in his seat and make the rotors go round, but we couldn’t fly it.

After lunch, we stood by the big playground again and watched the helicopter take off and fly away back to its base. It was a great day and the whole school really enjoyed it.

James B, aged 7

Helecoptor over the Infants School field

Quantum Theatre

Quantum Theatre came to Prestbury St Mary’s Junior School on Monday 6 February 2006 as part of our ‘Science Week’ to perform a play about scientific force. I definitely think that Quantum Leap Theatre has great skill and co-operation between the actors with an amazingly short amount of time, ten days, to practise one play that in the end is about one hour and thirty minutes. The actresses explained that it took an awfully long time to learn how to act as well as they did, to do all of the quick changes that they had to do and keep in character throughout the whole performance. One of the reasons that there were so many quick changes was because there were only two of them playing seven characters. I thought they were absolutely brilliant and taught me a lot about force!

by Sophie B (age 9)


At school we had a Science week. We did lots of things during the week but on Friday the Army came in and showed us their Radio Communication Systems. They brought in two Army Telephones with a cable stretched across the middle of the playground, which we were allowed to use. They also brought in two high frequency radios that broadcast different radio stations including Radio Moscow. The last thing they brought in was four very high frequency ‘Walkie Talkies’. They showed us how to work the Radios and showed us the button that would let us communicate to troops around the world but we weren’t allowed to. That visit ended a lovely Science Week that all the pupils enjoyed.

Simon C, aged 9

When Science landed in the School Playground

Why a helicopter? The theme of Science Week was forces, and the aim was to have hands-on fun, with not a textbook in sight. At the end of each investigation the question was ‘What have I learned?’, and the children certainly had fun learning. So why the helicopter? Think how many different forces are required to fly, hover, land and take off. And this marvellous piece of Science came to school!

Later in the week the children worked on different experiments with their own and other teachers; they had the opportunity to follow a Science Trail investigating their senses – hearing, sight, touch, taste; and finally on Friday afternoon Dr Keith Ross, a Teaching Fellow at the University of Gloucestershire, presented awards for Science Enthusiasm during an assembly in which the children demonstrated to their parents what they had learned.



Keep Fit and be useful at the same time!

How many of you joined the gym after Christmas? Who is still going regularly! The solution is easy – come along to St Mary’s for a free, fun workout.

We need LADDER CLIMBERS to shin up and dislodge dust from the rafters on the evening of Friday 31 March (contact Steve Murton for details). We need GROUND BASED dusters, cleaners and polishers from 10am on Saturday 1 April. We need LABOURERS in the churchyard to cut back shrubs, uproot ivy and brambles, trim round graves and sweep paths from 10am on Saturday 1 April.

Plenty of time to chat and banter, and coffee is thrown in. Do join us!

Sue Read


Churchyard and Church Annual Spring Cleaning Day

Saturday 1 April 2006 from 10am

Please come and help if you can, even if only for one hour. More hands make light work. We had great fun last year and we all like to take a pride in the upkeep of our Churchyard and beautiful old Church. Bring necessary equipment if you can. Just turn up at 10am, or you could even come to the Eucharist first at 9.30!

We also need people to go up the ladders on Friday evening 31 March to do the high cobwebbing. Please let us know if you can help with this.

Doreen & Henry Morris


Parish Annual Meeting

The Vestry Meeting and Annual Meeting will be on Sunday 2 April at 6.30pm. in St Mary’s Church, Mill Street

Please make every effort to attend the Annual Vestry Meeting and Parish Annual Meeting.

During these meetings Churchwardens, Assistant Wardens and PCC members will be elected.

Please see the church notice boards for nomination lists.

The Prestbury and Pittville Youth Charity ( AGM will follow on immediately after the Parish Annual Meeting. If you are a member, please stay on for what will be a brief meeting!


Gloucestershire Police Male Voice Choir

We have been fortunate to be selected by this well-known local choir to host a concert on Friday 10 March in St Mary’s Church at 7.30pm. Some of our own congregation are members of the choir, so we hope that many of you will be able to support this fund-raising event in aid of the church. Tickets are available now at £6 each, to include refreshments, and can be obtained from the Parish Office, Marion Beagley or David Axton. We look forward to seeing you there.

Marion Beagley


Easter Lilies

As Lent draws near and the anticipation of Easter, may I make a suggestion? It has been brought to the attention of the Flower Arrangers, that some – a few, or many – of you might like to sponsor a Lily at Easter in memory of a loved one. Our church at this Holy Season is a profusion of flowers and colour, and it may be comforting to know that a loved one is remembered in this way. If you are keen to sponsor a lily please contact Margaret Waker.

Sheila Beer


Traidcraft at St Mary’s

On the second Sunday of every month biscuits and chocolate bars will be on sale at St Mary’s after the 11 o’clock service in support of Traidcraft, starting on Sunday 12 March. A catalogue will also be available to view other items for sale.

Sue Weston


Mothers' Union logo

Mothers’ Union

Our meeting on Tuesday 28 March will be in the United Reformed Church, Deep Street, starting at 7.30pm. Fr John Mead will speak on ‘A Time to Dream Dreams’. Please join us.

Marion Beagley


Christian Aid logo

Christian Aid

Many thanks to those who put the cost of a Christmas dinner into envelopes for Christian Aid. The total from these was £187.00. In addition, several members of our churches took part in the ‘Present Aid’ scheme, giving money to buy specific presents for people in the Third World. These ranged from a can of worms to a goat, mosquito nets to a tap stand guaranteeing a clean water supply to a community in Bolivia and the salary of a teacher in India for two months. Thank you all.

The need is still very great. We hope that everyone will be gearing up for Christian Aid Week in May.

Paddy Spurgeon & Gill Ashman


Parish Office Emails

Now that the Parish Office is moving out of the Rectory, it is important that separate email addresses are used for parish business and for Fr Stephen personally.

If you are writing specifically to Fr Stephen, please address the email to for mail to this address are sent only to Fr Stephen's computer in the Rectory. No-one else has access to these emails.

If you are writing more generally to the office, please use  These emails are sent to the office computer, and possibly elsewhere too, and may be read by more than one person. Please do NOT use this address for personal mail to Fr Stephen but only for parish business.

Please amend your email address books accordingly. Thank you.

Brian Wood


St Mary’s Bakestall

Our next bakestall falls on Sunday 19 March with contributions from members with surnames A-F. If anyone else would like to join the rota, please let us know.

Margaret Waker & Linda Matthews

Thursday Morning Eucharist at St Mary’s

If you are ever free on a Thursday morning, why not join us at 10.30am in St Mary’s church for this friendly service followed by coffee and biscuits and an opportunity to chat? We don’t charge for the coffee, but donations over the past year have enabled us to give another £400 to the St Mary’s Heating Fund. Thank you all very much. Hope to see you there!

Doreen Morris


The Holy Land … in one week!

In January, Fr Stephen and I were fortunate enough to be able to join a week-long pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The trip was organised as a familiarisation tour for church leaders who might one day lead a pilgrimage themselves and so we were amongst a party of forty clergy and some partners (although sadly not ours!).

Rooftops of Jerusalem
Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives

We began with a four-night stay in Jerusalem in a hotel facing the walls of the old city. On our first day we viewed the city from the Mount of Olives, pausing in a ‘garden’ of olive trees, before making our way down into the city and along the Via Dolorosa. As we made our way along the narrow, crowded streets of the old city, it was easy to imagine Our Lord being led through similar streets to his place of execution. We ended our first day in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre where we were able to join other pilgrims in touching the rock which for centuries has been revered as the site of Golgotha.

Jesus' birthplace - the Church of the Holy nativity, Bethlehem
On the shore of Lake Galilee

During our week we visited many other Holy Sites: the Shepherds’ Fields at Bethlehem and the Church of the Nativity, the Mount of Temptation near Jericho, the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth, the ruins of Capernaum, the Mount of Beatitudes.

Our last three nights were spent in Galilee. Possibly the most moving experience was to be sitting in silence out on the vast lake, just the sound of the water lapping against the boat, gazing out at a landscape which had probably not changed since the

 time of Jesus. This was followed by the most memorable of our Services: the Eucharist celebrated in the open air right on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, sharing a meal just as Our Risen Lord had done with His disciples.

Lots of incredible memories and so many powerfully moving encounters with places steeped with a sense of holiness and of association with Jesus’ earthly life. Lots of photographs (and lots of souvenirs!) Lots more that we hope to be able to tell you about when we can find some dates!

Fr Michael




Prestbury Parish Magazine - March 2006

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