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Prestbury Parish Magazine

October 2006


Mission Definitely Possible

Elmstone Hardwicke Harvest Weekend

360° Project


8:32 in Prestbury & All Saints’

Our Voice Film Premiere

Greenbelt 2006

Gloucestershire Historic Churches’ Trust

A Sabbatical Journey  Part 1: Franciscan Community

Infant School receives ‘outstanding’ Ofsted report

Youth Team Commissioning

Prestbury and Pittville Youth – spreading the word

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Mission Definitely Possible

We are about to experience a good deal of change together as a Parish. On the one hand Father Stephen, our spiritual leader of the last eleven years, is retiring. On the other the nature of the Parish is about to change, taking on board St Peter’s, Cheltenham, St Lawrence’s, Swindon Village, and St Mary Magdalene, Elmstone Hardwicke – quite an expansion. There will be a replacement for Father Stephen and there will be additions to the clergy team to cope with the extra workload the expansion will bring. But it is quite a change and change can be something to get worried about. After all it is all an unknown.

But life goes on and our mission does not change at all. There is a whole world out there waiting to be saved. That will not change with our change in circumstances. Jesus sent the eleven out with the instruction to proclaim the Good News to all creation. ‘He who believes and is baptised will be saved – he who does not believe will be condemned.’ That mission has not changed. We still have to deal with the everyday life of the Parish and that will not get any easier, but we must not lose sight of Jesus’ call to us all.

Over the next few weeks our sermons will be on the theme inspired by John 8:32, ‘And you will know the truth and the truth will set you free’. We shall be looking at the way we use the Bible at the moment. We shall be led through an investigation into other ways we can use it – helping us to take what is written on the page as being inspired by God. That is sometimes difficult to understand and may not even become clear at the time of reading, but faith leads us on to read more and, like so many other subjects, the more familiar we become with it, the more it becomes clear. I believe this has the potential to be the foundation of our Mission.

We have much to thank Father Stephen for and there will be many tributes and expressions of gratitude over the next few weeks. For myself, I have to thank him above all else for suggesting that I put myself forward for Ministry – a life-changing move. I believe the best way we can express our thanks to him is in the way we carry on the good work. Our prayers will be with him and Vicky and I know their prayers will be with us.

Fr Peter


Elmstone Hardwicke Harvest Weekend

If you have the opportunity, please do visit St Mary Magdalene’s church in Elmstone Hardwicke over the weekend of 14 and 15 October. The church family there is very excited about their Harvest Celebration which will include a scarecrow competition, various exhibits in the church, stalls around the outside of the church selling locally produced food, art and craft displays, Morris dancing, a ploughing competition, a working threshing mill in action and much, much more!

Elmstone Hardwicke, along with our parishes of Prestbury and All Saints’, and the parishes of Swindon Village and St Peter’s Tewkesbury Road, is part of the northern area of Cheltenham – now designated as the ‘Northern Mission Area’. This weekend is an ideal opportunity for us to meet with one another and share something with some of our brother and sister Christians in the other parishes of our area. During the weekend some of our clergy will be taking part in leading a ‘Sacred Spot’: a prayer and a Harvest hymn on the hour, every hour.

You would be very welcome to join in the Harvest Supper which is at 7pm on Saturday 14 October, tickets in advance. There will be a service especially for children at 3pm on Sunday 15th and a Festival Eucharist in the church at 6.30pm on Sunday evening. The congregation at Elmstone Hardwicke was described to me as ‘very willing and keen to be involved’; however, there are only about 20 of them! If anyone feels moved to offer them any help with the weekend, please let them know.

Fr Michael


360° Project

A huge thanks to all those who participated in the 360° Project this summer – helping to transform the wildlife area at St Mary’s Junior School. It was a week of very hard work and fantastic team spirit. Thanks also to Mr Howes for his vision and dedication which saw the project through.

Andy Macauly

360 project
The finished pond, seating, paths and fencing

Outdoor Learning Area

The outdoor learning area was a project I have wanted to do since teaching at Prestbury St Mary’s. With the help of Father Grant, Andy and a dedicated group of volunteers this large project became a reality. The work was hard, but we had a great sense of team spirit and some lighter moments on the way. Seeing the pond area take shape was a wonderful feeling as I know the benefits it will have on the children’s scientific learning as well as giving them the opportunity to have stories outside (weather permitting). My sincere thanks go to the volunteers and for the kind gift of seven benches from the church.

Neil Howes



Two recent occurrences have prompted me to put some thoughts on paper and to share them, perhaps inviting controversy, perhaps not.

The first thought ties in with the second and was prompted by our Bishop’s letter a few weeks ago, about praying for vocations to the ministry of the church. Women and men throughout the Anglican Communion are serving in various capacities throughout the world, and still there are areas where the ministry of women as ordained priests is not accepted. Not only not accepted, but openly rejected. I must admit that I find this attitude quite against my ethos, both as a Franciscan Tertiary, and as a committed and convinced Christian. I may say that I am usually able to understand opinions and beliefs which differ from my own; this particular belief, though respecting the right of my brothers and sisters in Christ to hold it, I am unable to comprehend.

We, in this country are very conservative; most other parts of the Communion have gone forward and accepted women as Priests and Bishops of the church, and the American Communion has gone as far (do I mean ‘As far’) as to elect a woman as Presiding Bishop, and still we agonise over the validity of women’s ordained ministry. I wonder, are there any women in this parish/benefice anxious to be ordained? are they reluctant to come forward? have they heard the Lord calling them, but are afraid to answer that call? Bishop Michael did not specify the gender of those called to be priests and I would be dumbfounded if he had.

My second thought follows on the first one. I shall be so sad to bid farewell to Father Stephen. He welcomed me to St Mary’s, and has always supported me in the short time that I have been here. It has occurred to me however, could the Holy Spirit be nudging us to consider whether Father Stephen’s successor is to be a woman?

By law, no profession, no work, is denied to both genders equally, and of course this has applied to the Anglican Communion. Did not St Peter have a vision of a sheet full of all sorts being lowered from heaven? And where do we read that there is no discrimination between men and women, between Jew and Greek, and so on?

Lotte Rule


8:32 in Prestbury & All Saints’

The ‘8:32’ Bible awareness project continues through October with two more Education on Location evenings, the Quiet Day at Nympsfield and the following Sunday themes:

1 Oct   Harvesting the Word (Responding to the Bible in our Daily Lives)

8 Oct   Sharing the Word (Tackling ‘Bible Poverty’ around the World)

15 Oct Praying the Word (Using the Bible in our Daily Prayer Lives)

We would also love to hear from you about particular passages from Scripture that have moved you or played a big role in your own life, some of which we will share in future magazines and on the website.

Fr Grant


Our Voice Film Premiere

The Youth Groups’ film was launched in style at the Our Voice Oscars evening on Saturday 9 September. Everyone was dressed in their finery, St Nicolas’ Church was given the red carpet treatment, stylish refreshments were circulated – everything was glitz and glamour.

The films did not disappoint. There was a great variety – from documentaries about Wyman’s Brook to a wooden-spoon puppet version of Joseph, from Jesus and Satan doing Big Brother to creative footage of the holiday project. The films blended thoughtfulness and humour – showing great creativity and insight.

The evening would not have been complete without awards: particularly for the editors James Radburn and Matthew Bestwick, who had slaved for so long to create the finished items. It was most of all a team effort over so many months – the event was made by those who helped decorate the hall and prepare refreshments, by the technical crew, by all those who had created the films over the months before and by the fantastic audience – thank you all! (and thanks to our expert auctioneer!) It should not be forgotten that the scale of the project would not have been possible without the hard work of Tricia Wilson to secure funding.

Whilst the evening celebrated the contribution of young people, it also aimed to raise money for Prestbury & Pittville Youth. We raised around £500 on the night – a fantastic amount. This local funding is vital for our long term work – if you feel you could become a regular financial giver, please contact Gill Wood. DVDs of the film are still on sale – please contact Andy Macauly for further details.

It has been such a privilege to be part of the project and the premiere.

Andy Macauly

All dressed up
All dressed up!

The red carpet treatment
The red carpet treatment


Premiere Night

I am an elderly member of St Mary’s Church, Prestbury, but felt I should support the young people in the Parish and attend the Premiere Night of the film entitled Our Voice at St Nicolas’ Church on 9 September. However, it meant going on my own to St Nicolas’, which is unfamiliar to me and where I know hardly anyone in that congregation. Saturday came. I deliberated. If I stayed at home, I really would feel guilty because it is our duty to support the young people. I myself had been very involved with the Youth Group at St Mary’s Church, Charlton Kings, for at least thirteen years, but that was a long time ago. What should I do? I really didn’t want to go on my own.

At 6.45pm I decided I must go. Posh frocks were the order of the day. My ballroom dancing days are over, and only this year my last remaining evening dress went to the charity shop! However, I dolled myself up, put on a smart dress I had worn at my grandson’s wedding in America, wore my best shoes, picked up my stole and posh evening bag and off I went. I arrived early (I didn’t even know what time it all began) so that I could park easily, sat in my car for a few minutes, then saw two people I knew from St Mary’s, all dressed up too, and we went in together.

As soon as we entered the church we were offered a drink, a glass of orange, lemonade or apple juice, all served beautifully. It was good to be there early because we could enjoy seeing everyone else arriving. It was fascinating seeing various families arrive all dressed up, men in dinner jackets, ladies in evening wear. The young people too were all in their best and looked delightful. As people entered they were photographed and offered drinks. Barbara Lyle looked fabulous in her feather boa, Bob very smart in his dinner jacket. Father Michael looked extremely handsome in his dinner jacket and his wife very glamorous; also his daughter and son equally smart. The atmosphere was fantastic, just like arriving for the Opera or any other Premiere night.

I’m afraid I’m a traditionalist when it comes to television – dare I confess I have never even seen Big Brother; Blind Date I’ve watched once. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to understand all the jokes! However, as soon as the lights went out and the film began it was magical. There was a buzz of excitement and anticipation throughout. I enjoyed it all immensely, especially listening to the views of the young people concerned. Then the Awards afterwards – really exciting and most professional. Then a really fascinating end to the evening when Charlie (I believe from All Saints’) decided to auction the puppets from the Joseph part of the film. The air was electric as bids were made and everyone got carried away – I think the last one fetched over £50!! More drinks were served.

A truly delightful evening. Many thanks Andy and your supporters for all the wonderful work you do with the young people. I can appreciate the hard work that goes into it all.

It was good being part of that evening. Thank goodness I made the effort to go – I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.

Frances Long


Greenbelt 2006

A group of 25 young people and leaders (and Ben) had a great time at Greenbelt festival this year, it was great to see more new faces joining us this year. We were blessed with good weather – especially to set up and pack up which made such a difference. The spirit of community was fantastic with a real sense of including all. The worship led by Andy Wood each morning helped everyone focus on the amazing God we worship and serve. Other highlights included Daniel Benningfield’s stage presence, the joyous Fischy music and sharing communion together at the Sunday Worship. Many young people also became proficient at the diabolo over the weekend.

Thanks to the fantastic team who helped the stay run well – from first aid to making toast – from washing up to deep and meaningfuls. Personally I was most challenged by the line from a Martyn Joseph song: ‘Wherever you lead me, I will follow…’ how about you?

Andy Macauly

Putting up the mess tent
Putting up the huge mess tent

Getting stuck into Fischy Music
Getting stuck in to Fischy Music


Gloucestershire Historic Churches’ Trust

GHCT logoAnnual Sponsored Ride/Walk

This year I cycled a route round Cirencester, starting from St Mary Magdalene, Baunton, where there is a large 15th century wall painting of St Christopher, and on to St Peter’s at Stratton, where I was given a lovely welcome and a rum and raisin cookie – delicious! Then across the busy A417 to find Daglingworth’s Holy Rood Church of Saxon origin, with Saxon doorway and stone altar, and the Duntisbourne churches, St Michael’s at Rouse and St Peter’s at Abbots; the Rouse one has traces of wall painting in the chancel, the Abbots one is quite large, early Norman, as was that of my next visit, St Margaret’s at Bagendon. Many of these churches had lovely wooden outer gates to their porches.

There is much of interest at All Saints’ Church, North Cerney, including a beautiful rood and carved wood screen in a sort of balcony style, with realistic figures of Christ, the Virgin and St John, a lovely Lady chapel and wood ceiling, also stone carving on the outside.

The next three churches were ones I visited many years ago (on a Mothers’ Union outing!) – and I underestimated how far they were. Running late, I hitched myself and bike into the car and asked Roger for lift up to Chedworth, thus cutting off about five miles, and this helped a lot, even if highly irregular. I visited St Andrew’s, then cycled on to St Michael’s, small with faded wall painting, and St Leonard at Stowell, tiny with its marvellous 700-year-old wall painting.

A short way down the Fosse Way, turning off to St James’ at Coln St Dennis, then on to St Andrew’s at Coln Rogers, where the Coln Valley Fete was taking place. It was necessary to watch my wheels in the narrow lanes, as so many cars were on their way to attend this! Through to St Peter’s at Winson and on to St Mary’s, Bibury, bright and large, with lovely East and West windows and carved wood ceiling.

Next I checked in at St Mary’s, Barnsley, then found two lovely churches, All Saints’ at Preston and St Peter’s at Siddington. By this time on the outskirts of Cirencester I sought St Lawrence at Chesterton, finding after some difficulty that it functioned also as a community hall and was closed. Pressing on, I found the beautiful Holy Trinity Church at Watermoor, and lastly Cirencester’s own St John the Baptist.

Many of the churches I visited were manned by kind parishioners, refreshments were offered, and there seemed to be a fair number of cyclists calling on them, a worthwhile effort, as some have pretty small congregations, one person quoted thirty.

All in all I enjoyed a lovely day out, though my pedal power is showing signs of wear, so no hills next year! A certain member of St Mary’s congregation did warn me – but he shall remain anonymous!

Gill Ashman

Five Hours in the Saddle!

Five hours jumping on and off the bike is more like it, with a fair bit of walking thrown in. We left home just after 1pm, notched up St Mary’s and the URC fairly quickly and sped up the hill to St Nicolas’, then down the other side to St Lawrence, Swindon Village, where we once attended evensong twenty-nine years ago to hear our banns called. At St Mary Magdalene in Elmstone Hardwicke we discovered that their harvest celebrations (details elsewhere in this magazine) include a Scarecrow competition!

The next few miles were easy riding on the flat, apart from the cruel man-made hills on the motorway bridges. The hedgerows were dripping with blackberries; we ate a few, but did not have time to linger. After St James the Great, Stoke Orchard, and St John the Baptist, Tredington, we crossed the motorway for the fourth and final time and reached our first decision point – home or on?

St Mary's at Little Washbourne
St Mary's at Little Washbourne

It was not yet three o’clock, so on to Woolstone (St Martin) and Oxenton (St John the Baptist) where the churches are on the side of the hill we were cleverly skirting round, and yes I had to walk the last bit both times, but it was fun coming back down! We carried on round to St Nicholas at Teddington, St Margaret at Alstone, and then the tiny church of St Mary at Little Washbourne, no longer needed for public worship, but still consecrated, with box pews large enough to have a party in!

Box pews Box pews
A box pew in St Mary’s church, Little Washbourne

We reached St Margaret of Antioch in Alderton at half past four and turned for home. I had to walk a couple more stretches, by no means steep, just a gradual incline over too great a distance, visiting Gretton and Stanley Pontlarge, then a long descent to Gotherington and Bishop’s Cleeve. We finished with the climb up to Southam and the Church of the Ascension, and then coasted home, arriving just before six o’clock, having visited twenty churches in approximately thirty miles.

Frances Murton


A Sabbatical Journey

Part 1: Franciscan Community

Some of you may not know that I have been away from the Parish on sabbatical leave. During this time I stayed with three quite different Christian communities. As that falls nicely into three separate articles for the magazine, this is part one!

As I reflect on this sabbatical time I am amazed at how my experiences in the communities that I have visited have led to a wonderful ‘progression’ in my own spiritual journey. I can now see clearly that God had a hand in the planning of my use of this special time!

Alnmouth Fiary
Alnmouth Friary

I began the sabbatical with a stay of almost a fortnight with the Franciscan Community at Alnmouth Friary. The Friary was originally a large private house and is in a stunning position on the hill top overlooking the bay. This time perfectly fulfilled the need for rest and for relaxation. I was especially helped to settle into the sabbatical experience through reading Henri Nouwen’s journal of his sabbatical year which he took shortly before he died. Nouwen was a Catholic priest, pastor of L’Arche Daybreak Community in Toronto and a prolific spiritual writer; his books include ‘The Return of the Prodigal’. I always find Nouwen to be an inspiring writer and I felt that many of his reflections during his sabbatical time spoke directly to me. Nouwen wrote a great deal about friends and friendship and this prompted me to reflect on the value of friendship and on the importance of working at maintaining friendships, especially when parish life can easily become all-consuming. Later in the sabbatical I was able to meet with some friends from my time at theological college; this was a very valuable opportunity to ‘re-connect’.

At the Friary guests are welcome to join in with all the daily services: the ‘offices’ of Morning Prayer, Midday Prayer, Evening Prayer and Compline, as well as the daily Eucharist in the middle of the day. During my stay I came to realise how much Jesus Christ is at the centre of Franciscan spirituality. The sense of ‘journeying into Christ’ became probably the major theme of my sabbatical time. I reflected on the simple power of the Eucharist at the heart of each day, realising again how much I personally value and need that physical connection with Jesus. I also valued enormously the Blessed Sacrament Chapel at Alnmouth and the opportunity to spend time there during the day, praying, reflecting and simply ‘being with the Lord’.

Living in a monastic community also strongly reminded me of the value of a structured day which gives an appropriate balance to prayer, worship, reflection, work and rest. The community of five brothers at Alnmouth are a very diverse group of men. The oldest is in his late 80’s and has been at the Friary since it opened in 1961. The next ‘youngest’ (in his 70’s) has spent a number of years working in AIDS projects in the Americas. The Guardian (equivalent to the Abbot) is in his late 40’s and has had a strong sense of vocation to the religious life since childhood. The two youngest brothers are in their early 30’s and with the Guardian do all the cooking, sometimes for up to thirty guests. Hospitality is at the heart of the life of the Friary and the Brothers were all keen to ensure that their guests were regularly and generously fed and as comfortable as possible. By the end of my stay I was feeling well-rested and also well-exercised by my daily walks along the miles of deserted sandy beaches.

Returning home I became aware of how much my pace of life had slowed down and I slipped into a pattern of prayer-time, of reading and of some exercise – mainly in the garden! I also prepared for my visit to the second community which I had chosen as part of my sabbatical journey.

Fr Michael


Infant School receives ‘outstanding’ Ofsted report

Ofsted inspectors have paid tribute to school life at St Mary’s CE Infant School by showering staff and pupils with the highest possible grades.

The school received ‘outstanding’ grades across all areas of the inspection – and there was praise for children and staff in equal measure. The inspectors highlighted pupils’ outstanding behaviour and attitudes, inspirational teaching, and the positive atmosphere which permeates every aspect of school life.

‘Inspirational teaching’

Inspectors judged the school to be ‘outstandingly effective’ in providing a very high standard of education and exceptional care for its pupils. ‘Very good teaching is consistent throughout the school, and much is inspirational. Consequently, pupils are enthusiastic learners, behave well and do exceptionally well by the time they leave school’, the report says.

‘Church support’

From keeping fit, to eating healthily, to supporting charity – the children at St Mary’s Infants also make exceptional progress in their personal development. Inspectors noted how the positive atmosphere was enhanced by an inspirational programme of collective worship supported by our churches. They also highlighted the very good relationships between adults and pupils, and how the children treat each other with kindness and respect.

‘Outstanding management’

The school was also applauded for its ‘outstanding’ leadership and management, and the atmosphere of mutual respect and support among all staff members. The report added that the school’s capacity to improve further was ‘excellent because there is an uncompromising whole school commitment to raising standards’.


The report reflected the talents and dedication of teachers and support staff, and the enthusiasm and hard work of every child, said headteacher Miss Ann Fitzpatrick. ‘We are thrilled by this official recognition of our commitment to providing the highest standards of education and care in a Christian environment. Every member of this team – staff, governors and clergy – is driven by the belief that each child deserves the best possible start. The report confirms that we’re doing the right things in the right way. Now we’ll build on that for the future.’

Caroline Sexton, Foundation Governor


The Celebrate! Pages

have moved to their own slot


Youth Team Commissioning

Sunday 1 October, 6pm, St Nicolas’ Church

The Bishop of Gloucester is joining us for this great celebration on Sunday 1 October. There will be worship led by the young people, the youth work team will be commissioned and Andy Macauly will be licensed as a Youth Minister. Please do be a part of this significant service.

Please note the change of time to 6pm.


Prestbury and Pittville Youth – spreading the word

On Saturday 7 October there is an opportunity to interest a wider audience in the work of Prestbury and Pittville Youth. The charity has arranged with Waitrose Superstore to set up a display in their entrance lobby from 8am to 8pm. We will be collecting funds, handing out leaflets and talking to shoppers about the significant work that Andy Macauly and his team of volunteers do for local young people. Perhaps we will recruit new members or even new volunteer workers. Hopefully we will raise a decent sum to help us continue the good work.

Anyone who can give an hour or two on Saturday 7 October to help and support our young people and the charity would be most welcome. Please contact Tricia Wilson.


Education on Location

This year’s Education on Location sessions will continue on Thursdays:

5 October at St Mary’s
19 October at St Nicolas’

We are using a video presentation on the letter of St Paul to the Philippians, produced for the Caister Retreat of 2005 by Sister Margaret Magdalen of the Community of St Mary the Virgin.

Each session begins at 7.45pm and follows the usual format of presentation, break for refreshments, group discussion and closing prayers.

There is no charge for this series of events, but donations towards the cost of refreshments will be appreciated.

Jen Swinbank


Celebrate! Men’s Night

Celebrate! are hosting another men’s social evening at the Royal Oak in the Burgage on Monday 9 October from 7.30pm. Do join us if you fancy a drink and a chat – no previous experience of Celebrate! necessary!

Jerry Porter


Trip to the Holy Land

Fr Michael will be giving a talk on his trip to the Holy Land in St Mary’s church on Thursday 12 October starting at 7.30pm. Refreshments will be served.


Food for Thought – Autumn Quiet Day

The Quiet Day at Nympsfield will take place on Saturday 14 October.

The day starts at 9.30 and offers three short sessions considering different aspects of hospitality in St Luke’s Gospel, with plenty of opportunity for quiet reflection, concluding with a Eucharist. A generous lunch provided by the Sisters is included.

Please sign up on the lists displayed in each church, indicating whether you need transport or can offer transport to someone else. The cost of the day is £14, including lunch. A total of 30 places is available across the Team. Please make bookings with payments no later than the first Sunday in October.

Further information is available from members of the Education Group:

Colin Holman at St Mary’s
Margaret Compton at St Nicolas’
Karen Winder or Julia Hook at All Saints’


St Mary’s Bakestall

The next bakestall at St Mary’s is on Sunday 15 October with contributions from those with surnames A-F. Do contact us if you would like to join the rota.

Margaret Waker & Linda Matthews


Churches Together in North Cheltenham

The next ecumenical service is on Sunday 15 October at 3.30pm at St Michael’s church, Whaddon. The theme for this year’s One World Week is Mind the Gap and will be on the themes of exploitation, health, poverty, education and climate change.

Fiona Hall


mothers union logo
Mothers’ Union

Our next meeting will take place on Tuesday 24 October at 7.30pm in St Nicolas’ Church. All existing and new members welcome when our speaker will be Mrs Pam Staite who will give a talk entitled A Christmas Patchwork.

Marion Beagley


Bible Study

A big thank-you to everybody who helped to make our first venture into Bible Study at All Saints’ such an enjoyable experience. We will be resuming again for five consecutive Tuesdays, beginning on 31 October at 7.00pm, with a study of the Book of Ruth. Introductory material will be circulated in advance – if you would like to receive a copy please contact Julia Hook or Jennifer Swinbank.

Churchyard Autumn Tidy-up

There may, possibly, be an autumn tidy-up of St Mary’s churchyard one Saturday in late October or early November. Details will be in the pewsheet.


Dates for your Diary

The Eucharist of Thanksgiving for 38 years of Fr Stephen’s Ministry and 40 years of his and Vicky’s Marriage will be at 11.30am on Saturday 4 November at All Saints’ church, followed by a light buffet lunch. If you would like to come, please sign the list in church or email This will help us to arrange the catering and seating.

Fr Stephen’s last Sunday at St Nicolas’ will be 29 October, his last Sunday at All Saints’ will be 5 November, and at St Mary’s 12 November.

Retirement Present for Fr Stephen

Anyone wishing to make a donation towards a retirement present for Fr Stephen please put it in a marked envelope and give it to one of the Churchwardens.




Prestbury Parish Magazine - October 2006

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